May 2023 Horoscope: Libra

This month, the situation is still complicated, but rest assured, it is not desperate! On the 16th, with the departure of Jupiter from Aries, you are no longer assailed by doubts and certainties. In contrast, the dissonances that come from Cancer are still active. You have trouble trusting yourself. Your innate difficulties, to make a decision, are amplified. In front of the first obstacle, you tend to drown in a glass of water! To avoid shipwreck, you can count on the energies that come from Gemini and Leo. They help you realize that you have more resources than you think. How? By making you meet people who have the power to help you.

Libra: Love in General May 2023

Libra: Although Jupiter's DNA is beneficial, he created some tension during his stay in Aries. His departure restores calm and you find your mind. By ignoring Cancer's grievances, you can get off to a good start. How? By meeting people different from your habits.

Libra: In a relationship May 2023

Libra: The departure of Jupiter soothes conflicts. On the other hand, impulses in Cancer wake up old grievances. If you want to take your relationship out of this infernal spiral, change your mind. How? By doing a little getaway, just the two of you.

Libra: Single May 2023

Libra: This month, meetings await you. On the other hand, for things to go further, you will have to wait for more favorable days. Unless you find charm in a love life full of calm and romance.

Libra: Career / Finance May 2023

Libra: Up to the 20th, your ability to make decisions takes a severe hit. Alas, if you hesitate too long, what you have undertaken will fall through! Libra, although it is not in your nature, take your courage in both hands and make a decision. It doesn't matter if it's good or bad. By doing so, you will remove a thorn from your side, and you will see more clearly. On the financial side, if you need a little more capital than usual, it is at the end of the month that you can get it, but on the condition that you are pragmatic.

Libra: Monthly Advice May 2023

Libra: To avoid crossing an area of turbulence, accept this routine that undermines your morale. How? By keeping in regular contact with a sparkling relationship.

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