May 2021 Horoscope: Libra

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The Libra horoscope for May 2021 believes that the month will be generally successful. You will be able to implement your plans, the main thing is not to be lazy. In the first half of May, quarrels with colleagues and friends are possible. It is worth moderating your ardor so as not to make powerful enemies because of unnecessary hot temper. In personal relationships, restraint is also necessary to maintain harmony. In the second decade, Libra can have processing. The projects in which you are involved will require direct involvement. This will last until the ♐ Sagittarius full moon 🌕, after which it will be possible to relax a little. The horoscope recommends devoting the end of the month to taking care of yourself. Libra should remember about health, in May the risk of respiratory diseases will increase. Take preventive measures and exercise caution.

The horoscope for May 2021 for Libra believes that at the beginning of the month you will not have to be bored. You gush with new ideas and plans for their implementation. This will especially affect those who are in business. The ☉ Sun in Taurus ♉ advises you to listen to the opinion of subordinates, because during this period they will help you to objectively assess the situation. Relationships with the second half in early May may cool a little. Workload will be the reason. Venus in Taurus recommends not to despair and pay attention to the desires of a partner. Indulge your loved one with an unexpected gift. In the first decade of the month, it is worthwhile to devote enough time to raising children, especially adolescents. Respect their desire for freedom, but the horoscope does not advise indulging any whim.

In the second decade of May, Libra will have to solve the accumulated domestic problems. ☿ Mercury in Gemini ♊ recommends starting with housing-related debt. Prompt payment of bills will help protect yourself from new problems in the future. In the middle of the month, maximum punctuality and correctness will be required at work. Those interested in career advancement will have to make an effort to meet these conditions. During this period, you may encounter unfounded criticism from colleagues. The Libra horoscope for May advises you to defend your own interests, but you need to keep tact and not go over the edge of what is permissible. The new moon 🌑 in Taurus will give you confidence that you are right. In the middle of the month, old ill-wishers may become active, the horoscope recommends not allowing them to make adjustments to your relationships with others.

Retrograde Saturn ♄ at the end of the month will negatively affect Libra’s mood. They will feel acute irritation towards some actions of their relatives. This will especially affect relations with the older generation. To avoid conflicts, it is worthwhile to briefly limit communication with them. Keeping a temporary distance will help to moderate the ardor and change anger to mercy. Lonely representatives of the sign at the end of May will get acquainted with an interesting person with whom it will turn out to build a strong relationship. However, ♀ Venus in Gemini ♊ believes that only those who stop showing character at any opportunity will succeed. The Libra horoscope advises to give your lover tenderness and show concern. Your financial situation in the third decade of May is finally getting back to normal. It’s worth celebrating and indulging in shopping.

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