May 2021 Horoscope: Pisces

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The May 2021 horoscope for Pisces predicts favorable prospects and the achievement of results in old endeavors. Astrological events of the month, such as the transition of Jupiter ♃ to the sign of Pisces and the lunar eclipse, will entail the opening of new horizons and fatal life decisions. It can be expected that the investment and effort invested in long-term projects will pay off. For the first time this year, in the Pisces horoscope, they are promised serious changes associated with relocation or travel. Astrologers recommend not to miss this chance. In general, the month is favorable, mobile, provides an opportunity to correct old mistakes and establish the necessary contacts.

Already on May 4, in the horoscope of Pisces, the first wave of luck and good luck is indicated. The transition of ☿ Mercury to Gemini ♊ is the time of real estate transactions, major purchases for a home, the beginning of a career related to design and construction. Replenishment in the family is possible in connection with the arrival of a relative or marriage. Next, on May 9, ♀ Venus enters the Gemini constellation ♊ and the time of aesthetic perfection, beauty and spiritual bliss comes. It is useful to change your image, switch to proper nutrition and play sports. Purchases that create home comfort or are intended for cleaning, gardening will be successful. The entire first decade of the month promises monetary profit in response to old investments or a successful start of a new financial business.

The first important event in the horoscope for the 2nd decade of this month is the Taurus new moon 🌑 on May 11. Representatives of the Water sign will be filled with fresh energy that can be successfully invested in studies, hobbies or a long-planned project. Good time for photo shoots, creative business, long walks. Then, with the transition of ♃ Jupiter to Pisces ♓ on May 14th, the peak of opportunity comes. They are in demand at work, in the family, they succeed in all enterprises. You should not lose your vigilance, otherwise such activity will quickly lead to overwork. In the Pisces horoscope for May 2021, the key date is indicated – May 17, when the ☽ Moon in Cancer ♋ is most passive. On this day, it is better to take care of your state of mind and health. Astrologers recommend spending this period of the month with relatives who share the interests of a representative of the water element.

Retrograde Saturn ♄, which starts its way back on May 23, marks a decline in activity for Pisces. This is the time to take stock, to hold accountable for previous actions, to help your neighbor. Business efforts are rewarded, old family conflicts are resolved. Beginners are undesirable and can lead to frustration. The key moment of the completion period in the Pisces horoscope for May is the lunar eclipse on May 26. On the 🌺 Flower full moon 🌕, a strong emotional outburst awaits the representatives of the sign, which makes it possible to evaluate the achievements of the month and make adjustments to unfortunate moments. In family relationships, it is better not to bring up old problems and not expect great productivity from communication. You should also postpone significant purchases, the conclusion of transactions, the beginning of long-term treatment.

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