May 2023 Horoscope: Pisces

Thanks to the reassuring and benevolent energies of Taurus and Cancer, your bonds rediscover their meaning and their sincerity of origin. People who have gone away could come back to you. Your relationships are handpicked and are trustworthy. From the 17th, the transfer of Jupiter to Taurus gives consistency to the proposals that have been driving your exchanges for a few weeks. He encourages you to study them more carefully. If you agree, he urges you to accept them. The lucky star and evolution offers you to improve your life by bringing more comfort and security to it. The only shadow on the board is incarnated, fleetingly, by Venus and the Sun in Gemini. It is by being determined that you will chase it away permanently.

Pisces: Love in General May 2023

Pisces: Until the 7th, Venus in Gemini sows confusion. Fortunately, the energies of Taurus and Cancer inspire you to choose peace and security. From the 22nd, this decision is questioned by the Sun in Gemini unless you no longer listen to the siren song.

Pisces: In a relationship May 2023

Pisces: Your relationship finds its bearings and its sincerity. You manage to make yourself understood. You regain control of the situation. However, until the 7th and from the 22nd, you will have to impose yourself, if you want to avoid overflows.

Pisces: Single May 2023

Pisces: You are surrounded by people who are full of good intentions towards you, but an evil genius tries, again, to confuse you. If you want to remove them from your path, don't waiver from your positions.

Pisces: Career / Finance May 2023

Pisces: If your motivation has taken a hit, it should find a smile! This month, the exchanges focus on your experience and your professional development. Some boast of your talents. The others are looking for your skill. If you feel like things haven't turned out well, wait. As the days go by, your partners will be more specific. Pisces, if someone makes an exciting offer to you, look no further. Think about it seriously and make the right choice. On the financial side, this sector is doing particularly well, because it reflects all the efforts you have made to get there.

Pisces: Monthly Advice May 2023

Pisces: Your existence is improving day by day but evil geniuses are stubborn. It is by being cold and distant that you will distance them from your field of action.

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