May 2023 Horoscope: Virgo

Saturn continues to push you into your entrenchments while seeking to open you to another vision of life. As a result, sometimes you feel good and at other times, discouragement can overwhelm you. To help you hold on, you receive the benevolent and pragmatic support of the energies that come from Taurus and Cancer. They help you find the right resources to meet the demands of Saturn. They bring you that stability that saves you from making bad decisions. However, a providential help would be welcome! She is embodied by Jupiter, the lucky star, and evolution, who settles in Taurus on May 17th. It opens the door to new possibilities that have been felt for some time.

Virgo: Love in General May 2023

Virgo: Saturnian influences encourage you to focus on this register. As a result, you see the situation with an austere, pessimistic, and sometimes critical look. Fortunately, energies in friendly planets are a diversion! They make you meet people who have the power to make you change your mind.

Virgo: In a relationship May 2023

Virgo: The atmosphere is always a bit heavy, but rest assured, all is not ruined! You have all the resources you need to make things easier. Do not hesitate to use it and your other half will smile again.

Virgo: Single May 2023

Virgo: The stars offer that you make an encounter full of charm and delicacy. For the magic to work, let things happen without asking a thousand questions. When you feel it, go for it!

Virgo: Career / Finance May 2023

Virgo: You insure rather well in this sector. However, a little help would not hurt you, quite the contrary! It arrives on the 17th, while being incarnated by Jupiter in Taurus. Virgo, if you want things to change, now is the time to be on the lookout for what's going on. So if someone makes an exciting offer to you, think about it. And don't believe you are not up to it, because that's not true. On the financial side, money and small gifts soothe conflicts, but that's no reason for you to break your piggy bank. So be generous, but sparingly.

Virgo: Monthly Advice May 2023

Virgo: When you feel the events crystallize, take a step back. This will help you understand their meaning and what you need to do to calm down.

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