November 2023 Horoscope: Cancer

This month of November has everything to please you. By happy coincidence, you meet people who have the power to help you. Some offer their support in the realization of your projects. Others give you great ideas that you can exploit to your advantage. Slowly but surely, you change the course of things. In this promising climate, a drawback is emphasized. It is incarnated by Venus in Libra between the 9th and the 30th. The dissonances that connect it to your sign foreshadow mishaps. This month, do not see the problems as fatalities but as challenges that you are perfectly capable of meeting. How? By strengthening your shell and having lighter and less exclusive bonds with others.

Cancer: Love in General November 2023

Cancer: Everything is fine until the 8th. Then you might have the feeling of being misunderstood or rejected, on the emotional level. Alas, this impression could trigger broken links and it would be regrettable. This month, people are less demonstrative. Do not take umbrage and wait, serenely, for better days.

Cancer: In a relationship November 2023

Cancer: You have the feeling of doing a lot of work and not having much in return. Before making a decision based on this impression, take a step back. In doing so, you will find that your other half adores you.

Cancer: Single November 2023

Cancer: Until the 8th, Venus creates a connection with someone. Then, in Libra, she creates a distance and misunderstandings. Do not be alarmed more than reason. Keep the bond through exchanges until the situation settles.

Cancer: Career / Finance November 2023

Cancer: Although there are delays in your daily life, things are getting pretty good for you. You dare to take initiatives. And when the circumstances dictate, you make radical decisions because you don't want to be stuck in a dead-end indefinitely. Suddenly, these reactions succeed and save you time. Unfortunately, these successes can offend some people. Ignore their advice and keep going as you see fit. On the financial side, you are particularly reasonable this month. On the best days, you set a detailed budget and stick to it. Everything's fine!

Cancer: Monthly Advice November 2023

Cancer: You like to have privileged bonds with others. Alas, it plays bad tricks on you. This month, it is by soothing your emotions that your relationship will be pleasant.

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