November 2021 Horoscope: Capricorn

For you Capricorn, the month is half-hearted, before starting anything, you have things to settle. If you expect new and sensational things you may go hungry. The first week seems hesitant, so do not do anything that could compromise your plans and make yourself discreet.

Situations you have never faced, make you doubt your abilities, it is only at the end of the second week that the difficulties dissipate, your talents are put to the test, you are tested, you are confident enough, you gain credibility. The last fifteen days, everything is better, the energy of the stars allows you to succeed in all your projects, you have the will. You receive compliments from your loved ones, the family circle is welded.

Love in General:
In love, your feelings come and go, you lack certainty and yet you should not. Even if sometimes your dream of living serenely escapes you, you are in good energy. If your relationship has been tainted by your jealousy or your possessiveness, you have understood that on these points you have work to do.

In a relationship:
You've seen better times, especially in the first fortnight, you may be tired of the routine or have a little difficulty in situating yourself in your relationship, this explains the small malaise that settles in your relationship. Very quickly, everything calms down, your partner does everything to distract you.

For a good part of the month you seem a little capricious then you learn to appreciate the people who revolve around you, your nervousness disappears, you become more pleasant and less demanding. Around the 14th the stars place someone along your path, you know how to recognize it.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
You prefer not to build castles in the sky anymore and that's your right. You decide to live from day to day, why not. If you are fulfilled this way, there is no reason to change.

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