November 2023 Horoscope: Leo

The Leo horoscope for November 2023 warns against unnecessary fuss. With the approach of cold weather, the lack of love is especially acute. You should not waste time on sorting out the relationship, it is better to devote it to strengthening family ties. The unruly Sun in Scorpio increases attraction, forcing you to forget about prudence. Family Leo will have to pass the test of loyalty. Passion escaping from control can cause betrayal, you should limit yourself. The Beaver Full Moon in November directs thoughts in a certain direction: a tit in the hands is better than a crane in the sky. Before conquering career heights, Leo must create a solid foundation by surrounding himself with faithful, like-minded people.

In terms of communication, the beginning of November will be tense. It is advisable to refuse to participate in important negotiations, even attending entertainment events can turn into problems. The Leo horoscope promises that seclusion will not last long. Soon the mood will change, the glass will become half full again. You just need to get through this moment. Since Venus in Virgo stands for thrift, even small purchases will be successful. Prone to squandering, Leo will prove to be a strong business executive: not a penny will be wasted. In capable hands, hopelessly outdated things can find a new life. It’s time to clean up the house, make repairs with minimal funds.

The mood in the middle of the month will depend on the location of the authorities. There comes a moment when everything falls into place. The general Leo horoscope for November 2023 promises participation in profitable projects. However, the path to success will take some time, and friction with the leadership is not ruled out. It is important not to lose heart and believe in your star, the finish line is already very close. Due to the fact that under Mercury in Sagittarius irrational thinking prevails, Leo perceives reality in a slightly distorted form. The desire to exaggerate both joys and misfortunes can lead to problems. Instead of wasting time on fantasies, it is better to do something socially significant, this will help strengthen your position in society.

The calm end of November will put an end to controversial issues. The situation will stabilize, conflicts will remain in the past, which will positively affect the mood. According to the November horoscope for Leo, life is a big adventure. Self-confidence will appear, a crowd of like-minded people will gather around, so all adversity is on the shoulder. Since Mars in Scorpio encourages risk taking, a life without thrills loses its meaning. In pursuit of pleasure, Leos can lose touch with reality, which will primarily affect health. In an effort to look spectacular, we must not forget that clothing should protect against bad weather. Hypothermia will start a chain of chronic diseases.

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