November 2023 Horoscope: Taurus

On the 5th, Saturn's retrograde ends. The most severe blockages dissipate. The course of events begins to resume its cruising speed. What was waiting is settling. Your projects are starting to take a good turn. On the 10th, you are more inclined to the discussion, thanks to the departure of Mercury from Scorpio. Alas, Mars and the Sun remain in this sign until the 22nd for one and until the 24th for the other. In this state of mind conducive to refusals of all kinds, beware of your reactions! Before making a decision based on assumptions, please take the time to think! This month, the success of your projects depends on your ability to integrate others into your choices.

Taurus: Love in General November 2023

Taurus: Although Mars annoys you, Venus in Virgo smooth things over until the 8th. Then, what is beautiful has less impact on you. However, you can draw inspiration from it so that your loves keep a touch of harmony. This month, be more nuanced in your way of dealing with your fans.

Taurus: In a relationship November 2023

Taurus: With the planets circulating in Scorpio, your relationship goes through moments of happiness and times of crisis. If you want it to be simpler, put your possessiveness aside and let your other half breathe without you.

Taurus: Single November 2023

Taurus: Until the 8th, your love presents itself well. Then, if you want things to continue in the same direction, do not be stuffy. Live life and your meetings in the present, without worrying what tomorrow holds.

Taurus: Career / Finance November 2023

Taurus: Everything is fine, but your health is another matter! Taurus, Mars in Scorpio, exasperate you. Suddenly, your reactions are adverse. And as a bonus, you see those of others with a suspicious look. On this diet, everything that you have undertaken lately will end in a dead-end. So if you want to avoid this kind of disaster, take a step back and relax your convictions. On the financial side, this sector is working like a charm. However, do not decide on the 27th, as you would be making a mistake which would cost you dearly.

Taurus: Monthly Advice November 2023

Taurus: You are an absolutely charming person. Alas, your little flaws spoil the atmosphere. This month, stay zen, even if it requires you to make an effort. You will not regret it.

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