October 2023 Horoscope: Cancer

Things tend to stagnate more than is reasonable. People are slow to keep their commitments. Some may be hesitant for obscure reasons. Starting from the 13th, thanks to the valuable help of Mars in Scorpio, things start to settle down. Although the events are moving again, you will have to deal with the dissonances that come from Libra. Between the 5th and the 22nd, the news is long overdue and this can sow doubt in you. Do not let go! Be patient, even if you think everything is ruined. From the 23rd, Mercury in Scorpio eliminates hesitations. Combined with Mars and then with the Sun, he encourages your loved ones and yourself to lay your cards on the table.

Cancer: Love in General October 2023

Cancer: From the 10th, Venus in Virgo is in adequacy with your nature. Suddenly, your loves find their charm and their bearings. Unfortunately, between the 5th and 22nd, Mercury creates misunderstandings that can put you in disarray. With Mercury in Scorpio, rest assured, everything is in order.

Cancer: In a relationship October 2023

Cancer: Your relationship evolves in a contradictory climate. The feelings are there but alas, the criticism fuses in all directions. Your other half can not be everywhere at once. So do not ask too much from them.

Cancer: Single October 2023

Cancer: From the 10th, Venus creates a connection with a charming person. For all to go well, do not listen to envious spirits. Instead, follow your impressions that will be confirmed at the end of the month.

Cancer: Career / Finance October 2023

Cancer: Delays, hesitations, and disappointments persist until the 12th inclusively. Please wait. Then, thanks to the precious competition of Mars in Scorpio, the horizon becomes clear. You no longer waste time waiting for the decisions of others. You take initiatives. You are making up for the delay that has accumulated. If someone accidentally remarks you, it is quite possible that you unusually express your thoughts and that it will have a small effect. On the financial side, you don't look at your spending. Anything that shines attracts you. Fortunately, you are more reasonable from the 10th.

Cancer: Monthly Advice October 2023

Cancer: If you want your projects and your loves to project in the concrete, ignore the prejudices of those who do not have the same values as you.

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