October 2023 Horoscope: Cancer

In the Cancer horoscope for October 2023, a romantic mood hovers. Even in a dull autumn, the soul can sing with happiness. Single people will be more likely to meet their soul mate, and couples will relive their honeymoon. Under the harmonious Sun in Libra, everything in the world strives for balance. Cancer perfectly controls itself, is aware of the goals and is looking for ways to implement them. The only obstacle to success is someone else’s envy, it is better to keep plans a secret. With the Hunter’s Full Moon in October, career interests come first, everything else is secondary. Despite many difficulties, the need to work late, Cancer will be able to prove himself to his superiors from the best side.

The beginning of October will be remembered for pleasant surprises related to money. Thanks to the increase, it will be possible to reach a new level of income, or the inheritance may suddenly fall. Despite the enveloping euphoria, the Cancer horoscope advises to postpone spending. You should think for the future: if you put money on a deposit, they will not disperse into trifles. Although the modest Cancer is burdened by everyone’s attention and does not strive for leadership, under the influence of Venus in Leo, his style of behavior will change dramatically. Not everyone will be able to cope with the dark sides of the soul, so you should not try on an unusual role for yourself. Having succumbed to the temptation of power, it is easy to be drawn into the cycle of gossip and undercover intrigues.

The mood in the middle of the month will be unpredictable, due to lack of self-confidence. Disruptions of plans and troubles are possible, which will aggravate dissatisfaction with oneself. According to the general Cancer horoscope in October 2023, one should not waste time on self-criticism, one must act in spite of difficulties. Perseverance leads to the goal, and experiences drive into despondency – the choice is obvious. Mercury in Libra will help you come to the right decision, since all attention is paid to the inner world. This is a good period for working with a psychologist, looking for guidelines. Having a strong intuition, Cancer will be able to answer the question: what prospects attract him and what needs to be done for this. You may need to undergo training and learn a new profession.

The lyrical end of October will help strengthen family relationships. This is the time for cute jokes, surprises and touching declarations of love. The October horoscope for Cancer recommends spending more time with loved ones. Helping parents, spending time together with children are small parts of great family happiness. Although Mars in Scorpio is a time of maximum activity, some Cancers may complain of a lack of energy. Women planning pregnancy are the most vulnerable: stress causes diseases of the reproductive system. To reduce risks, you need to abandon bad habits and introduce new rules: healthy eating, frequent rest and quality sleep.

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