October 2021 Horoscope: Cancer

At the beginning of the month, you make beautiful encounters. A little suspicious at first, very quickly you manage to let go, you communicate about your expectations and your feelings. You make new contacts by highlighting the warm side of human relationships, so you quickly find confidence.

Regarding family projects, uncertainties are present, if you have chosen to close your eyes rather than face the reality, things are likely to get tougher. Push the discussion, look for common ground, and risk everything. It's around October 15th that luck comes back. The opportunities are getting ready, financially you find your cruising speed. The planets are moving around you, autumn is heralding new opportunities.

Love in General:
If you are looking for love, obviously autumn is the perfect time to make it happen. This period announces a balance in love. Get help from those around you if you lack motivation to complete a project. From October 18th the emotional domain finds a nice dynamic, enjoy it, without forgetting your personal objectives.

In a relationship:
The astral influences push you to optimize your relationship projects, such as travel, a new apartment, the need to welcome a child in your home, the choice is varied, if some doubts still persist, trust yourself. Your partner fully adheres to your preferences. Around the third week, things move faster.

You face a small family quarrel that demotivates you, so you are not willing to meet new people and you prefer to hide at home. You are wrong, the beginning of the month is a sign of luck. Things are happening when it comes to your loves.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Despite some imbalances the stars give you the opportunity to carry out your projects. If you encounter some disappointments it is for a good cause, take the time to think about it taking into account the advice of your loved ones.

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