October 2023 Horoscope: Leo

According to the Leo horoscope, a lucky streak begins in October 2023. Luck will break into life, like a gust of wind, you need to be ready for change. Career growth, increased income, respect in the team – a reward for previous efforts. In the month of Libra, the atmosphere directly affects the mood, so everything should be harmonious. This is a good time for design experiments. Being a creative person, Leo will be able to show his talents in home improvement. Career shifts will be visible at the Hunter’s Full Moon in October, when bold ideas become reality. The leadership will push the Leo to action, testing his professionalism. We need to make ourselves known as loudly as possible.

In the early days of October, it may seem that things have stalled a bit. Probably, the work has lost its charm, it has become crowded within the usual framework. The Leo horoscope advises diversifying the process, bringing a touch of novelty to it. You can use the services of individual coaching – this will expand the scope of professional opportunities. With disharmonic Venus in Leo, egoism is inflated to incredible proportions, ambitions are whipping over the edge. Since Leo is naturally proud and ambitious, the situation can become disastrous. The desire to take a leadership position in the team will lead to a series of conflicts that eventually develop into a corporate war.

Fate in the middle of the month will be especially favorable to those who are not afraid to take risks. This does not mean that you need to rush into financial adventures, neglecting security measures. The general Leo horoscope for October 2023 suggests betting on analytical skills. If you carefully calculate the situation, the risk of being a loser is minimal. During the period of Mercury in Libra, life is subject to the laws of beauty, which corresponds to the nature of Leo. The best recipe for all troubles is a change of image. It’s never too much to shake things up and clean your feathers, so don’t hold back while shopping. At the same time, you need to remember that things should complement each other, it is advisable to think over the details of the image in advance.

The end of October will be remembered for a long time. Moreover, everyone will see in what is happening a hint of the fulfillment of their dreams: lovers – a quick wedding, childless – the birth of a child, homeless – buying a home. The October horoscope for Leo predicts prosperity and well-being. Everything will develop like clockwork, quickly and at no extra cost. Since Mars in Scorpio encourages risk taking, a life without thrills loses its meaning. In pursuit of pleasure, Leos can lose touch with reality, which will primarily affect health. In an effort to look spectacular, we must not forget that clothing should protect against bad weather. Hypothermia will start a chain of chronic diseases.

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