October 2021 Horoscope: Leo

If you are looking for solutions to your problems, it is from October 13th that you'll find them, but not before. Planetary influences suggest a short-lived break in the clouds. Taking part of the situation by jumping on every little opportunity that presents itself seems to be the ideal solution for you.

Around October 19th, the professional atmosphere may become heavy, your office colleagues give you a hard time, but in the true vain Leo that you are you do not let them walk all over you, you do not hide your ambitions. As a family, it is you who settle conflicts, this month you put on your great wiseman's hat. At the end of the month some of our dear planets send you good vibrations, enough to allow you to breathe a little, especially for those who have given you stress.

Love in General:
The astral sky clears for your loves, pay attention because it can quickly darken. This suggests that you have some efforts to make. By being imaginative and finding solid arguments, you can change your situation. Small warning, your will and your determination cause a little stress and insomnia.

In a relationship:
If you are not on the same wavelength as your partner it is not very serious, as of the second week of October, you will find a mutual agreement. The fall starts slowly for couples, except that the planets keep a watchful eye on you. You are under astral protection.

If you've recently started dating, it's slow but do not get discouraged, things are moving at their own pace. You can not go faster than the music, do not get ahead of yourself. For others, opportunities arise and you make new encounters.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
You have chosen to engage with the person who shares your life, the time has come to make concessions, you just have to give up two or three little things to move more serenely.

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