October 2023 Horoscope: Libra

Although Venus in Leo leaves you on the 9th, you keep the support of the energies that evolve in Libra. Until the 23rd, the Sun encourages you to assert yourself more. Between the 5th and the 22nd, Mercury urges you to connect with others and communicate your ideas with certainty. Until the 12th, Mars makes you want to go beyond. Alas, this promising climate is thwarted by the dissonances that emanate from Pluto and places limitations on you. You may have the feeling of being trapped at the seams. On the other hand, if you take a step back, you will find that these limits are useful. This month, you have the potential to achieve your ambitions but provided you do things with realism and foresight.

Libra: Love in General October 2023

Libra: From the 10th, your loves lose the intensity that delighted you. Things and people are different. You may have the feeling of being sidelined or waiting. Do not lament your fate. Instead, take advantage of it to take stock of your feelings.

Libra: In a relationship October 2023

Libra: This month, you may feel that your spouse is leaving you behind. Do not force anything. Do not take umbrage. On the other hand, you can maintain the deal through pleasant exchanges and showing yourself in your best light.

Libra: Single October 2023

Libra: Your charm always works wonders. You meet new people Alas, things are not going to go any further this month. Until the period is more favorable, keep the bonds as you know how to do it.

Libra: Career / Finance October 2023

Libra: Your sense of legendary nuance succeeds. You get where you want to go without offending lousy temper. If by chance you feel resisted, your charm takes over and voila. If in your wanderings, you find yourself facing a person who is hermetic to these qualities, change tactics. Be professional. It will be safer and as a bonus, it will cause an unexpected proposition. On the financial side and against all odds, it is in this sector that you defend yourself the best and you prove it this month. How? 'Or' What? By demonstrating an extraordinary strategy for managing your assets.

Libra: Monthly Advice October 2023

Libra: Some small disappointments may arise this month. Do not overwhelm others. Instead, do a little introspection on yourself and everything will be in order at the right time.

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