October 2023 Horoscope: Pisces

For a while, you have been living in a reassuring world that preserves your learning and your deep personality. However, you may think that your existence tends to be trampled on the spot. A form of boredom could invade you. Starting on the 13th, Mars in Scorpio offers you the opportunity to push the boundaries of the possible. He encourages you to exploit your talents and to live an experience that will enrich you personally and materially. Alas, with the dissonances that emanate from Venus in Virgo, you can hesitate or reject these possibilities. To avoid doing anything you would regret, wait for the passage of Mercury in Scorpio which is announced for the 23rd. It will help you to choose not only according to your wishes but according to those of others.

Pisces: Love in General October 2023

Pisces: Your ability to commit is a source of doubt for your loved ones or your spouse. This month, it's your feelings that torment them. Until the 22nd, you might only tell them what they want to hear. But then you show a frankness that puts your loves back on track.

Pisces: In a relationship October 2023

Pisces: It is by making compromises that you maintain an approximate peace. Alas, your spouse is still not reassured about your intentions regarding the future of your union. At the end of the month, Mercury helps you lay all your cards on the table.

Pisces: Single October 2023

Pisces: Your charm attracts people who want to commit and others who are looking for an adventure. As a result, you stay away while hoping to meet the ideal person. This month, this little miracle could happen.

Pisces: Career / Finance October 2023

Pisces: This sector is working like a charm. Unfortunately, this happy and beneficial climate is thwarted by the dissonances that emanate from Virgo. Pisces, if someone makes you an offer that interests you, don't listen to others' opinions. Rediscover your legendary discernment and trust your intuition. If you have any doubts, wait until the 23rd. Thanks to Mercury in Scorpio, you will know exactly what you need to do, and you will make your decision without remorse or regret. On the financial side, do not rely on the advice of others because they could induce you to make a purchase that does not suit you.

Pisces: Monthly Advice October 2023

Pisces: Making concessions saves you hassle but that does not get you going. If you want to evolve, grab the chance that will pass at your fingertips.

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