October 2021 Horoscope: Scorpio

For the natives of Scorpio the month of October announces a new open-mindedness. The relationship field is put forward, you are more confident, your entourage feels it. The stars recommend you to make a real return to the sources. Contact with nature is beneficial for the biggest of dreamers among you, take advantage of it for long walks in the forest or to take a step back and calm down.

Around October 14th your emotional life is rich. Unexpected upheavals will change the course of things, if you had planned a trip, it could be delayed. The global situation is favorable if you are at the head of a professional or personal project. On the financial side, all administrative procedures (bank loan application or other) receive a positive response.

Love in General:
In love, to avoid problems in your relationship separate the private sphere from the professional sphere, put things in perspective. Watch out, professional concerns could take over emotional relationships. You are criticized for your lack of involvement, react now. Starting October 26th, unlikely encounters will surprise you.

In a relationship:
This month you do not get bored as a couple. Between outings, hobbies and work, as soon as you have a free moment you will enjoy it to spend time in love. You approach future projects. A great strength in your relationship gives you confidence in the future.

If you covet someone you could fall under their spell faster than expected. This month you no longer control your emotions, you are on a small cloud. Your astral sky announces beautiful clearings with a forecast for great weather on your loves around October 17th.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
Autumn seems to be the best time to make a love story come true. If you have some doubts, learn to trust yourself, stop looking for the slightest detail. Dare to go towards others, show yourself natural, expose your state of mind.

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