October 2021 Horoscope: Virgo

This month you are a wise Virgo. The arrival of autumn calms the ardor of the Virgo yet Venus hovers over your head leaving the door open to opportunities and luck. You are afraid of nothing, rather than playing the cold Virgo, you take the lead. Bouncing against possible difficulties is a breeze because you are so reasoned.

From the beginning of the month, you can begin to relax, you have less stress even if your conscience pushes you to make efforts in your emotional life. The family circle is at the center of your priorities, children are the basis of your happiness. The atmosphere, in general, is breathable and healthy. If you are considering large projects, the influence of the planets are favorable.

Love in General:
No time to think about bad days, no time to rehearse, a sweet atmosphere reigns in your daily life. By avoiding possible problems, the good actions of the stars offer you the possibility to build new projects. The second week of the month is favorable for love at first sight. A breeze of lightness blows over your love life.

In a relationship:
Your partner is reluctant about a change of project but you manage to convince them. Passion is at the rendezvous, your relationship is gaining momentum, you are on a small cloud. From the beginning of the month, the bonds are tightening, you are more close than ever.

An uncomfortable situation makes our dear Virgo friends who are single a little anxious and irritable. You do not take the time to listen to the good advice of your loved ones, you prefer to make impulsive decisions, you may regret it later. Think of the good resolutions you have taken recently.

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
If you are a bit confused at times, get some comfort from those around you. From the moment you feel confident, nothing can make you doubt. It's a carefree month.

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