October 2023 Horoscope: Virgo

Mercury leaves your sign on the 5th and Venus takes over the 10th. On the 13th, Mars passes into Scorpio. At the end of the month, Mercury and the Sun join him there. Although Saturn is in retrograde and Jupiter is slowing down, you have all the potential to keep changing things. With the intervention of the planets in Scorpio, you have the means to go further. They encourage you to overcome the blockages symbolized by Saturn in Pisces. Your entourage is your best ally. It helps you recognize your value and use it for your benefit. This month, if you have any doubts about an opportunity or a proposal, ask for advice from those in whom you have complete confidence.

Virgo: Love in General October 2023

Virgo: From the 10th, you feel better! Venus helps you contend with Saturn. She encourages you to disregard the shadows of the past and think of yourself. This month, it's time to get a new look and accept your friends' proposals.

Virgo: In a relationship October 2023

Virgo: Although the atmosphere is gloomy, you regain a second wind. Mars and Venus encourage you to take control of the situation in order to get your relationship out of its immobility. This month, stop talking into the wind and take action.

Virgo: Single October 2023

Virgo: Stop thinking about getting married at any cost! Think about yourself and the present. Also, accept the invitations instead of declining them. In doing so, you will meet new people.

Virgo: Career / Finance October 2023

Virgo: Your wish for change, or evolution, is in the process of being granted. For this little wonder to happen, you have to make a decision. Virgo, you overthink and get bogged down! At this rate, you will eventually return to square one. If that's not what you want, seek the advice of someone you trust. You will be amazed at what they will tell you. If you listen to them, you will be delighted. On the financial side, your love makes you spend unusually. So, if you don't want to be completely broke, slow down.

Virgo: Monthly Advice October 2023

Virgo: This month, do not give as much power to the past and trust yourself. Your best friends will come back to you with new acquaintances for you to meet.

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