September 2021 Horoscope

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In September, all zodiac signs will be strongly influenced by Jupiter. The powerful energy of this planet will allow you to see your hidden potential and let changes in your life. For creative people, this month will bring a new wave of inspiration. However, you should be careful in words and actions. In September 2021, you should be attentive to your health, not to succumb to the active influence of Saturn: it will crowd out Jupiter and may cause the blues. Don’t worry: a warm scarf and good mood will serve as an excellent shield against the astrological effects of the space giant.

Astrologers say that the first decade of September 2021 will be filled with romance, since Venus has not yet surrendered its positions in heaven and will have a beneficial effect on amorous affairs. Water signs are especially lucky, happiness can literally take them by surprise, so it is better for them to be more attentive to themselves and those around them. But representatives of the air element run the risk of missing their chance due to lack of assembly: please, be punctual and do not give in to emotions. Any doubts and fears of fire signs will dissipate this month, do not be afraid: luck is on your side. Earth signs are better off letting go of their practicality and letting them be slightly spontaneous: well worth it!

The middle of September 2021 will be a favorable period for self-development and career growth. This time promises the fiery signs of a change in business life: be open to them, but do not rush, carefully comprehend every step you take. Representatives of the water element risk becoming divorced from business due to surging love or daydreaming; do not let the flashed desires unsettle you, and then you will achieve your goal. Earth signs are advised to loosen their grip in business life and take a closer look at themselves: spend time alone with yourself and loved ones, get creative. Representatives of the air element of the planet are given a chance for self-realization: in the second decade of September, it will be especially easy to get the desired position or fulfill an old dream.

At the end of the month, with cold weather, autumn apathy and depression may come, there will be a desire to be alone with yourself. Do not hold back this impulse, but do not let the autumn blues knock you down: read books, do what you love, invite an old friend to visit, and everything will be resolved by itself. Representatives of the air element in the third decade of September should be softer and more condescending to their loved ones: yes, funny situations may arise, but you should not draw premature conclusions. It is better for earth signs to refuse large purchases, or, at least, to discuss them with the owner of the fire sign in advance: in the fall of 2021, only they will be able to remain calm and practical. Representatives of the water elements will get bogged down in work, which, however, will later pay off with a new position or a good bonus.

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