September 2023 Horoscope: Cancer

It is through your relationship that things are moving in the right direction. On the other hand, from the 5th, do not panic more than is reasonable, if you feel a slight slowdown. Planets are in retrograde and Jupiter is moving too! Instead of lamenting an imaginary bad fortune, take advantage of it to reinforce the bonds that have been created. Think about what's on offer and what's happening lately. Above all, do not throw in the towel, if adversity arises from nowhere! Why? Because this month, the dissonances of Mars put you in control. So do not fall into the trap and wait for things to get back to normal.

Cancer: Love in General September 2023

Cancer: Venus encourages you to show off and not to be distracted by feelings. Alas with the dissonances that come from Mars, instead of producing the desired effects, it can turn against you. To avoid this, do not overdo it and be yourself.

Cancer: In a relationship September 2023

Cancer: With the dissonances of Mars, your initiatives or choices trigger reproaches and criticism. The atmosphere is tense! If you want peace, find the tenderness and delicacy that is your trademark.

Cancer: Single September 2023

Cancer: A change of tactics or outlook, you succeed rather well. Your dates are different and more promising. This month, you will have to make a choice and the right one! To do this, find your values and especially be realistic.

Cancer: Career / Finance September 2023

Cancer: Mercury in retrograde can play tricks on you. So, until the 16th, be more careful than usual. Make sure you haven't forgotten anything. Follow your records carefully. Don't put it off until later. While you're at it, make sure that people understand what you're saying. Be clear and specific. If someone accuses you of being too perfectionist, don't pay attention. The bottom line is that a case or a client doesn't slip through your fingers because of carelessness. On the financial side, if you plan to make more expensive purchases than usual, make them after the 16th.

Cancer: Monthly Advice September 2023

Cancer: Although your evolution is on track, it is hampered by Mars. Do not take umbrage and take the opportunity to sort out your relationships or your projects.

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