September 2023 Horoscope: Cancer

According to the Cancer horoscope in September 2023, the wind of change is felt. There will be a lot of cases related to the launch of an important project or the transfer to a prestigious position. These exciting events will be the beginning of a new life stage. Since the Sun in Virgo increases self-criticism, suspicious Cancer can become mired in complexes. Do not fuss, trying to fix non-existent flaws. Communication with a psychologist will help put everything in its place. With the Harvest Full Moon in September, much will become clear, far-fetched problems will no longer poison life. In addition to a career, Cancer will succeed in love, but only if their intentions are serious. A fleeting affair will end in complete disappointment.

Family life in the first days of September will be filled with warmth and harmony. Although such an idyll can cause envy among people less fortunate in love. The Cancer horoscope promises that the reigning calm will last for a long time, but still it is worth making sure. You do not need to share the details of your personal life with everyone who is nearby at this moment. Although the modest Cancer is burdened by everyone’s attention and does not strive for leadership, under the influence of Venus in Leo, his style of behavior will change dramatically. Not everyone will be able to cope with the dark sides of the soul, so you should not try on an unusual role for yourself. Having succumbed to the temptation of power, it is easy to be drawn into the cycle of gossip and undercover intrigues.

In the middle of the month, alarm bells may sound, you need to take care of your health. The weather changes to fall, with occasional heavy rains. The general Cancer horoscope for September 2023 suggests not to delay the treatment of a cold. The body’s defenses are weakened, a trifle is enough to bring the disease to a chronic stage. Since Mercury in Virgo stands for progress, all actions will be with a plus sign. Even though the decision now seems premature and useless, the situation will soon change. If you have a business trip or a trip for personal reasons, Cancer should not doubt its success. However, you need to be more careful with documents and money, problems are likely here.

The end of September will be remembered for positive events, joy will settle in the soul. Protracted cases will be resolved in an accelerated manner, there will be an incentive to move on. The September horoscope for Cancer predicts victory in legal proceedings. You can apply to supervisory structures and go to high offices – there will be no refusal. A slight concern is caused by a weak Mars in Libra, in which life gets out of control. Cancers should focus on this, as disharmony can lead to a deterioration in well-being. The kidneys are the most vulnerable, transient inflammatory processes are not excluded. To prevent this from happening, it is useful to drink cranberry juice for prevention.

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