September 2023 Horoscope: Leo

The Leo horoscope for September 2023 portends a seething of emotions. With the advent of autumn, activity on the love front increases dramatically. Quarrels on the basis of jealousy are possible in the family, but this is only evidence of unquenchable passion in a relationship. The position of the Sun in the sign of Virgo increases the desire for material wealth: Leo becomes surprisingly frugal. Thanks to a conscious approach to money, it will be possible to reduce costs and, as a result, improve the financial situation. During the Harvest Full Moon in September, when emotions are heated to the limit, it is difficult to maintain objectivity. In difficult situations, Leo must remain calm: caution in making decisions will help to avoid fatal mistakes.

In the first days of September, the cash flow will be stable, which does not eliminate the need for planning. It is necessary to analyze the existing assets and determine ways to increase them. According to the Leo horoscope, investing in stocks and real estate will bring good returns. However, you should not act blindly, it is advisable to seek the advice of a specialist. With disharmonic Venus in Leo, egoism is inflated to incredible proportions, ambitions are whipping over the edge. Since Leo is naturally proud and ambitious, the situation can become disastrous. The desire to take a leadership position in the team will lead to a series of conflicts that eventually develop into a corporate war.

In the middle of the month, increased loads are coming, you need to try to distribute them correctly. The energy will be so strong that competitors will not dare to join the battle. According to the general Leo horoscope in September 2023, it is necessary to maintain the nervous system. Due to overload, psychosomatic symptoms may appear, you need to drink soothing teas. Since Mercury in Virgo gives the ability to think practically and rationally, Leo will open your eyes to many things. The desire to show off will give way to efficiency, when every act is beneficial. Thanks to the increased attention to detail and numbers, it will be possible to resolve the controversial issue in your favor. This is a good time to contact the authorities.

Family life at the end of September will acquire a pleasant sharpness. The reason for this is the unwillingness of one of the partners to put up with everyday routine and daily boredom. According to the September horoscope for Leo, the family comes first. If it seems that the relationship has become obsolete, it’s time to go on an extreme journey: an explosion of emotions is guaranteed. Unexpected adjustments can be made by Mars in Libra, whose weak position causes disharmony. Sociable Leos will suddenly lose the ability to eloquently, which will complicate the course of affairs. It is advisable to postpone the job search and cancel the scheduled interviews – there will still be no benefit. The employer will have a distorted opinion about professional qualities.

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