September 2023 Horoscope: Leo

The events resist you! The unforeseen and obstacles slow down your progress! So, your mood could plummet. Do not shout against delays and disappointments. Mars helps you deal with hazards and find compromises. As for Venus, who is in your sign, she encourages you to give the best of yourself. It strengthens your desire to succeed despite the difficulties. It pushes you to confront them with intelligence and realism. Your legendary charisma serves your interests, but you still have to make some effort to reach your goals. This month, while the circumstances are right, do not rely on your legendary seduction abilities to achieve your goals. Prove yourself, it will be safer.

Leo: Love in General September 2023

Leo: Your relationship with your fans, or with your spouse, is good. Your charm triggers fascination. This month, your loves are returning to their colors thanks to a rewarding social life. As a result, the uncertainties move away to leave room for confidence, feelings, and passion.

Leo: In a relationship September 2023

Leo: Doubts fade. Everything comes back in order. This month, your relationship finds its bearings. Feelings and passion are there and they are shared. However, do not get mad any more than you should because it will produce side effects.

Leo: Single September 2023

Leo: This month, you are moving to the next level. Mars and Venus foreshadow a closeness with someone who has everything to please you. However, for this idyll to be lasting and serene, master your euphoria and do not overdo it.

Leo: Career / Finance September 2023

Leo: Your progress is considerably slowed down. Suddenly, you force things. Unfortunately, this will not produce the expected effects. Leo, moving heaven and earth to make your projects or ideas a reality will put you on the spot. If you find the time long, don't put pressure on others. Take the opportunity to perfect your files and the way you work. Be more specific and, above all, give people time to think and respond. On the financial side, although nothing alarming is announced, this sector is of particular concern to you. Let go of your fears of running out of money.

Leo: Monthly Advice September 2023

Leo: Things look good when it comes to matters of the heart. On the other hand, it's more complicated when it comes to your career. Getting involved in controversy is not going to help you, quite the opposite. Make concessions. It will be better.

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