Moon Horoscope

What is unusual can be learned from the lunar horoscope? Lunar horoscope for the date of birth reflects the side of our personality that we are not aware of. He explains why we do what we do. The way the moon influences our feelings depends on its location on the birth chart. Most people have a moon sign, which is different from their solar sign. That is why many people with the same zodiac sign can be very different from each other. Reading in the horoscope the definition of their sign, they may feel that this is not entirely about them. If you rely only on the sun sign, the picture will be inaccurate. The moon sign describes the qualities of a person much more accurately. If your moon sign is also your sun sign at the same time, then you may find that its characteristics are more pronounced in your character.

The moon controls the heart, the stomach, the brain, the bladder, the intestines, and the left eye. As well as glands and fluids in the body. It serves as a reflection of the part of your self that submits to instincts. Most people keep this part of themselves secret. If your sun and moon sign are compatible, they can work together and help you get out of difficulties and reach the goal. If they are incompatible, you may feel conflicting desires or in any way be at odds with yourself. For example, if your moon sign - Gemini, most likely, your emotions are very changeable, and you can easily get nervous. At the same time, people around you can blame you for this, which may confuse you. A person with a lunar sign of Scorpio can be very nervous too, but he has a habit of hiding it. However, for the latter, envy can be a big problem. People with the Moon in Aries are stubborn, aggressive and they can be hard to control. It is great if they can provide an outlet for negative emotions during physical exertion.

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