New Year Horoscope

The New Year is one of the most beloved holidays in the whole world, it gathers family and friends at one big table. Traditionally celebrated on the night of December 31 to January 1, marks the transition from the old to the new year. This date was approved by the Roman ruler Julius Caesar. In ancient Rome, the beginning of the new year was associated with the two-faced god Janus: one person looked impatiently into the future, the other was drawn to the past.

Hope and dreams of millions of people are connected with the New Year. It is believed that any desire that is envisioned on this night will necessarily come true. People believe that much in life depends on the position of the planets and, in the first place, the sun. Horoscope for the New Year will help to know how favorable the stars will be to each of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. Valuable advice and recommendations guarantee success and prosperity throughout the year.

New Year Horoscope by Zodiac Signs

Every nation has its own traditions and customs of celebrating the New Year. In countries where the moon-solar calendar is adopted, it falls on different dates. For example, in China, the New Year is the most important holiday, it is celebrated on the second full moon after the winter solstice. It is called the Spring Festival, usually falls between January 21 and February 21. On this day it is customary to clean up the house in order to cleanse your life from failures and attract happiness. By tradition, all members of the family gather for a festive dinner, which ends with the launch of fireworks. It is believed that the noise and brilliance frighten off the evil behemoth Nyan.

Traditions for the celebration of the New Year were formed not only under the influence of culture, but also the religion of peoples. True Catholics and Orthodox consider it a pagan holiday, therefore, they are cool by the New Year. The main holiday of believers is Christmas, the traditional attribute of which is a Christmas tree. And the New Year is just an extra reason for fun and gift exchange. In each country, it passes in accordance with certain customs. For example, in Italy it is considered that the New Year needs to start from scratch, so many old things are thrown out without regret.

A Christmas tree decorated with toys is an obligatory attribute of the New Year celebration. The tradition to decorate the New Year tree came from Germany. The ancient tribes believed in the existence of spirits living in the crown of coniferous trees, so they in every way coaxed them. Much later, spruce began to adorn with apples, sweets and candles. Another attribute of the celebration of the New Year — a traditional feast, it is especially important to make a wish for the chiming clock. The plan is sure to come true if you enlist the support of the stars. This will help New Year’s horoscope, he offers the most appropriate ways to meet the New Year for each of the 12 signs of the zodiac.

New Year Horoscope for Aries

Aries New Year Horoscope

According to the New Year’s horoscope, Aries will spend a pleasant time in the company of friends and relatives. People of the fire sign will be irresistible in red outfits that best match their ardent temperament. Men and women of Aries will make an indelible impression on the guests of the holiday, they will be in the center of attention all night long. Emotional people will not be equal in the New Year’s competitions, dances. The best toasts will sound exactly from the mouth of Aries, although they are able to have fun without the use of alcoholic beverages. New Year’s horoscope warns against excessive consumption of alcohol, which provokes people with a hot temper for ill-considered actions.

New Year Horoscope for Taurus

Taurus New Year Horoscope

Taurus on New Year’s Eve can enjoy friendly communication, feel completely free of all obligations. The atmosphere of carefree fun will make you forget about work. Serious representatives of the earthly sign are so charming and charming that they do not need to restrain their feelings and emotions. The New Year horoscope promises them the attention of the opposite sex, free Taurus will get hope for family happiness. Luck throughout the year will be on the side of those who choose jewelry with stones-talismans: agate, turquoise, emerald. People of the earthly sign, in spite of their love for delicacies, should give preference to light dishes, and they should better channel all energy to an entertainment program.

New Year Horoscope for Gemini

Gemini New Year Horoscope

New Year’s horoscope promises to the Gemini an unforgettable holiday, which will remain in memory for life. Cheerful people of the air sign will feel great, because the atmosphere of unrestrained fun is the best match their temperament. Light, flowing outfits, exquisite silver jewelry, a positive attitude — all this vividly highlights Gemini among the guests. They will be in the center of attention, they can start a crowd and organize a grandiose show. People of the air sign will have the opportunity not just to flash, but to amaze all those present to the depths of the soul. The probability that free Gemini will find their own happiness is great. At least, new fans are never superfluous.

New Year Horoscope for Cancer

Cancer New Year Horoscope

Gentle Cancers, most likely, will prefer to celebrate New Year at home. This is also not the worst option for celebrating, especially when it comes to a country house. New Year’s horoscope advises you to invite as many friends and acquaintances as possible, or even better — to continue the holiday in a nightclub. Cancers will be irresistible in dresses of light tones, which can be supplemented with silver ornaments. The freshness and refinement of the image will emphasize the perfume with the aroma of jasmine and mandarin flowers. People of the water sign are undemanding to eat, so they will have to taste very modest treats. But the need to participate in competitions can bring them into a stupor. Cancers should be discarded modesty and shyness, because the New Year’s Eve — it’s time for magical transformations.

New Year Horoscope for Leo

Leo New Year Horoscope

Majestic Leos will make a splash in magnificent outfits of gold or purple, especially when it comes to masquerade. They suited royal suits and massive ornaments as well as possible. People of the fire sign are emotional and temperamental, they need flirting, and with great pleasure take courtship. There is no doubt that Leo is the brightest guest of the party: his appearance is admired, the sweet fragrance of perfume turns his head. New Year’s horoscope calls on Leo to be more attentive to others, because the New Year involves the exchange of gifts. Fire sign people can express gratitude to close people and cook for them lovely presents.

New Year Horoscope for Virgo

Virgo New Year Horoscope

Modest Virgo are not accustomed to attention, do not feel the need to please everyone without exception. Try to look as simple and unobtrusive as possible. New Year’s horoscope encourages them to change their habits. People of the earthly sign should choose bright, provocative outfits, they will have to tirelessly have fun until the morning. The New Year gives the feeling of a fairy tale to everyone without exception, it is on this magical night that any miracles are possible. Lonely Virgo will have a chance to arrange their destiny. Couples will spend an unforgettable time enjoying the company of their halves. The Virgo will receive such a charge of cheerfulness and good mood that throughout the year will not know the worries and problems.

New Year Horoscope for Libra

Libra New Year Horoscope

Balanced, inclined to compromise Libra will be happy to be on New Year’s holiday. They will like the atmosphere of general joy and fun. People of the air sign adore to communicate, make new acquaintances. We are ready not only to take an active part in the competitions, but also to offer a couple of original assignments. New Year’s horoscope advises you to choose comfortable outfits in which you can dance all night long. For all their love for entertainment, Libra loves a lot and delicious to eat, they will enjoy a richly decorated holiday table. And the traditional exchange of gifts will bring a lot of pleasant emotions, because Libra will necessarily get what they have long dreamed of.

New Year Horoscope for Scorpio

Scorpio New Year Horoscope

Bright, charismatic Scorpios will be in the center of attention all evening. The New Year is a time when you can safely show your wishes to the world. So why do not people have a water sign from the heart? They like to try on other people’s images, they are beautiful actors who know the art of reincarnation. New Year horoscope predicts the Scorpions a great success and a lot of new admirers of their talent. Luxurious festive attire, elegant accessories, sweet, tart perfume — details of a bright New Year’s image, which will remain in the memory of party guests for a long time. People of this sign attract attention, fascinate from the first minutes of acquaintance. Free men and women Scorpios will certainly meet their destiny on New Year’s holiday.

New Year Horoscope for Sagittarius

Sagittarius New Year Horoscope

Energetic Sagittarius will get real pleasure from communicating with friends and family. They are always ready for adventure, without hesitation, get involved in any adventure. New Year’s horoscope encourages Sagittarius not to change their nature, festive attire can be the easiest. They do not need exquisite toilets and luxurious ornaments. They are charming people, their good attitude, friendly participation is more valuable than any treasures of the world. Sagittarius will be happy with New Year’s gifts, corresponding to their hobbies, for example, skis or skates. They will be very handy, because people of the fire sign can not sit still, they can go skiing almost because of the festive table.

New Year Horoscope for Capricorn

Capricorn New Year Horoscope

Hard-working Capricorns deserve a rest like no other. The New Year’s horoscope encourages them to leave all the unresolved issues in the past and plunge headlong into merriment. The people of the earthly sign are too serious, they try not to show their feelings and emotions. It will be useful for them to relax, even forget about the rules of decency. Horoscope advises you to choose for the New Year party bright, provocative outfits. Do not limit yourself and alcohol, the more solid people of the earth sign are fans of expensive drinks. Just a couple of glasses of wine will allow them to feel free to flirt to the right and left. Active participation in competitions will reveal Capricorns with an unfamiliar, but attractive to the surrounding people, the parties.

New Year Horoscope for Aquarius

Aquarius New Year Horoscope

Indefatigable Aquarius barely contain their feelings in anticipation of the New Year, because this is their favorite holiday. There are a lot of ideas in the minds of the people of the air sign how best to spend this wonderful night. New Year’s horoscope shows that their energy is enough to implement the most insane plans. Therefore, the holiday will be held in an unforgettable atmosphere, perhaps it will be snow-covered forest or hot sand of Africa. The easiest way to celebrate the New Year is a costume ball. Aquarius will be able to show all their imagination and imagination, most likely, appear provocative before the guests. New Year’s horoscope promises that on this magical night it is possible to perform all the most audacious fantasies of people of the air sign.

New Year Horoscope for Pisces

Pisces New Year Horoscope

Fragile Pisces usually try not to participate in noisy parties, they like the calm atmosphere. Feel not quite confident, afraid to seem too boring and uninteresting people. However, the New Year is a time of miracles, when it is possible to fulfill any dream and fantasy. Pisces will have to endure many pleasant minutes, they will necessarily acquire at least a couple of fans. New Year’s horoscope advises you to choose light, air dresses that will underline the fragility of the mysterious Pisces. An exquisite fragrance of perfume will allow them to stand out from the crowd of guests brightly. The new year will allow people of the water sign to become a bit more confident in themselves, to feel a surge of energy.