Aquarius New Year Horoscope

Aquarius possesses irrepressible energy and rich imagination. People of the air sign are characterized by a changeable character, their mood is like a breeze of the wind. Close people should be ready for any development of events, but usually with cheerful, witty Aquarius there are no problems. They are wonderful storytellers and excellent friends, they love spending time in noisy companies. New Year is their most favorite holiday, when one can completely surrender to the power of emotions and enjoy fellowship.

Active and energetic Aquarius can not be imagined bored in solitude, especially on New Year’s Eve. Rather, they will agree to spend time in an unfamiliar company, and not at home by the TV. New Year’s horoscope for Aquarius contains very accurate recommendations: unrestrained fun until the morning, regardless of any circumstances. It is best to spend a holiday in an unfamiliar environment, people of this sign like non-standard situations. For example, you can meet the New Year in a snow-covered forest near a furry tree or go to the other end of the world — to Australia.

New Year for Aquarius

Independent people of the air sign do not recognize any framework and boundaries, always act according to their convictions. They like to shock others, prefer bright, catchy outfits. New Year’s horoscope for Aquarius recommends trying on a particularly original image. A woman can wear a dress made of fabric, embroidered with beads and sequins, on her shoulders it is better to throw a boa made of feathers. The man will be irresistible in a black three-piece suit, which perfectly matches with a shirt of red or rich pink color. You can attach a lush flower to the lapel of your jacket. Carnival costume for the New Year should be funny. For example, a woman can surprise guests in the attire of a perky bee, and a man in a March hare suit.

New Year’s horoscope for Aquarius advises to give preference to original ornaments. Women can choose a set of designer jewelry. Of course, they will have to taste and decorate with stones-talismans: amethyst, turquoise, pomegranate. At the New Year’s party, you can wear a long chain with an angel pendant, massive rings and lots of bracelets. Each movement of a woman will be accompanied by a melodious ringing. Men-Aquarius firmly believe in the power of talismans. Therefore, they can supplement the New Year costume with a silver chain with the suspension of their Zodiac sign. The finishing touch is perfume, Aquarius attracts light, fresh flavors: sandalwood, mint, tea tree.

Aquarians are so active and mobile that they feel sorry for spending time on long feasts. People of the air sign are much more important than communication, and not the process of absorbing food. Although from their attention will not escape the careless laying, and the dismal design of the hall. New Year’s horoscope for Aquarius recommends not to dwell on the festive menu, you can organize a buffet table. It will not take a long time to prepare the dishes, so there will be strength for fun. Festive menu: canape, salads in crockery or glasses, fruit and vegetable sliced. For dessert, you can serve cakes, sweet pies, ice cream. Aquarius do not like strong spirits, they are cheerful and cheerful without alcohol. Quite enough sparkling wine.

New Year’s horoscope for Aquarius promises a pleasant evening in the company of old friends, although new friendships are also possible. The magical atmosphere of the holiday has to romantic adventures. Lonely Aquarius should be the most active and notable guests of the party, their childish spontaneity, delight can enchant anyone. People of the air sign love to dance, they like moving contests. It is possible to organize a match between couples, this facilitates the rapprochement of the guests. Man and woman at the first sounds of music should quickly find out which dance is best performed. There can be as many options as possible: tango, Russian folk dance, gipsy, lambada. Winners receive one prize for two, for example, a bottle of champagne.

New Year’s Gifts for Aquarius

Women of this sign can not be called mercantile young ladies, but still they like practical gifts more. And not particularly expensive, because Aquarius prefer easy, free relationships. A luxurious gift for the New Year too much obliges. Women will be delighted with a beautiful box with an ornament, for example, a ring or earrings of the original form. They do their best to emphasize their individuality, so they prefer designer products. Aquarius will like a brooch-pendant in the form of a bird of paradise, because this gift can be worn on a chain, and attached to clothing. Not less delight will be caused by an elegant carved casket or photo frame-screen. These items perfectly fit into the interior of the room of Aquarius.

For the New Year, a Aquarius man can be presented with any item related to the symbol of the year: a mug, a T-shirt with a print, a piggy bank. He does not mind at all, because people of the air sign can rejoice even in small things. Therefore, a very good option — a flash drive in the form of a key or a stylish locket. Adult men of this sign in the shower are children, so they will be delighted with the radio-controlled toy: a typewriter, a quadrocopter. You can prepare a gift related to the element of the sign: flying in a hot air balloon. Especially gambling men will like the jump with a parachute. Aquarius will be happy to experience a sense of flight and weightlessness. A universal version of the gift, which is useful: a scarf, gloves, a purse.

New Year Horoscope