Cancer New Year Horoscope

Cancers — people secretive and hypochondriac, to win their trust is very difficult. Like all representatives of the elements of Water have increased sensitivity, emotionality. Therefore, they prefer to spend time alone or among well-known people. Cancers are afraid to somehow change their lives, any, even the smallest events, cause the experience. New Year’s horoscope for Cancer recommends rejecting all doubts: the holiday will be held in a wonderful friendly atmosphere.

Vulnerable, timid Cancers do not mind to have fun, they even dream of insane adventures. But the natural restraint prevents them from revealing themselves to the world and to surrounding people. Try to behave quietly and imperceptibly, prefer to stay in the shade. Enjoy spending time at home, avoiding too noisy places. However, the New Year is a wonderful occasion to get out into people. Cancers will be able to have fun from the heart, and the lonely representatives of this sign, perhaps, will meet their destiny.

New Year for Cancer

People of the water sign have an exquisite taste know how to choose clothes that emphasize the dignity of the figure. The New Year horoscope for Cancer offers you to choose the outfit of the classical silhouette of a restrained color scheme. An elegant ensemble of cream color is suitable for women: a long dress and a smart cape. Lovers can dance to choose a short dress embroidered with paillettes. A man in a velvet jacket will make a splash, pants are better to pick up classic, not necessarily in the tone of the top. Cancer even on a costume party should look perfect, they face any elegant outfit. Women will be irresistible in the costume of a royal person, and the image of a London dandy will suit men.

Cancers in all strive for excellence, so they are very attentive to the little things. Particularly carefully choose jewelry, prefer, though not the most expensive products of gold and silver, but not cheap jewelry. Superstitious people believe in the power of talismans, love jewelry with stones, happy for Cancers: pearls, emeralds, tourmaline. The moonstone deserves special attention, it positively influences the nervous system, besides it is used to attract love. Decoration with a lunar stone will help lonely Cancers to arrange their destiny in the new year. The hypocritical people of the water sign pay much attention to the smells, in their opinion, a sharp aroma disrupts the integrity of the image. Therefore, give preference to the spirits with fresh notes of jasmine and mandarin flowers.

Cancer do not have good health, often suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, they are very demanding on food, although sometimes they do not mind eating delicacies. The New Year’s horoscope for Cancer calls not to limit oneself in desires, the festive table must be bursting with food. People of the water sign are not indifferent to desserts, they will like the apple strudel, and the tenderest tiramisu. And as much chocolate, ice cream and fruit as possible. An important role is played by serving the table, Cancers are able to lose their appetite when they see bad dishes and plastic wine glasses. Particular attention should be paid to alcohol. Although the best option for Cancers is a medicinal tincture, but for a New Year’s Eve, vintage wines or light alcoholic cocktails are more appropriate.

Emotional people of the water sign need new impressions, besides they are creative natures. They can provide invaluable assistance in preparing for the New Year holiday. Cancers have a subtle artistic taste, so decorate the room no worse than the designer. Of these, you can get good extras-entertainers, but only in the circle of close and dear ones. Best of all they are given contests for ingenuity and guessing. For example, every participant of the New Year party composes his congratulations, preferably funny and original. Then the leaves are folded into a smart box. The facilitator takes them in turn and reads the contents. Anyone who can correlate the text with each of those present will be declared the winner, there is no doubt that it will be Cancer.

New Year’s Gifts for Cancer

For Cancer woman there is no better gift than antiques. They literally lose their heads at the sight of anything with a history, it can be: a mirror, a casket, a small handbag. Even the gift will not look completely new, but for the representative of the water sign it is better than any of the most fashionable gadget. For the New Year, you can give a silver chain with a moonstone, this adornment will surely bring good luck. Cancers like things that can be used in everyday life, for example, decorative pillows. No less joy will the book, especially if it’s a rare edition. Cancers will not take offense at a modest present, it is important for them to feel loved and needed. A good gift for the New Year can be a box of chocolates and a design card.

Men of the water sign are very attached to their house, carefully consider the design of each room. Although many such behavior seems not entirely characteristic of the stronger sex. But this is the nature of Cancer and there is no point in fighting against its inclinations. You can give a stylish housekeeper or an old chest for storing small things for the New Year. Quite the way will be a decorative aquarium with fish or a room fountain. Men of this sign try to keep abreast of all the fashionable novelties, so they will appreciate the cardigan or shirt of the famous brand. No less effect will produce a silk or woolen muffler. Cancer costs as often as possible a rest in the company of friends, a good gift for the New Year — a ticket to an entertainment event.

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