Capricorn New Year Horoscope

Capricorns are decisive, stubborn. People of the earthly sign have a temperate temperament, conduct a closed way of life. They are able to open only to family and friends, so many consider them arrogant. However, communication with loved ones delivers Capricorns great pleasure, they happily participate in family celebrations. New Year is a wonderful occasion to gather at the festive table.

Purposeful Capricorns are ready to overcome any obstacles in their path. They are distinguished by diligence, diligence, always take their requests and requests seriously. Horoscope for Capricorn promises a magical holiday, promising the fulfillment of all desires. The New Year will bring exceptionally pleasant events and success in business, but for this it is necessary to conduct a worthy year in the past year. The astrological forecast is quite accurate: the holiday will be held in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

New Year for Capricorn

People of the earthly sign prefer the clothes of the classic silhouette, they like things of a restrained color scheme: gray, brown, beige. New Year horoscope for Capricorn advises a little hooliganism and choose a bright outfit. A woman can try on herself the image of a fatal temptress. Red dress with a deep neckline will make a real sensation, men will be smitten on the spot. Another version of the festive attire: a lace top and a mini skirt, an important detail — the shoes on the hairpin. Capricorn man can choose comfortable clothes: jeans, jumper with New Year’s print. It’s time for fun, so it’s better to leave a strict suit at home. For a masquerade ball, women can make a Snow Queen costume, and men can make an English lord.

Capricorns are quite constant in their preferences, they can be arranged only by high-quality, expensive accessories. Women will not buy cheap jewelry, and men especially carefully choose a tie and cufflinks for the shirt. New Year horoscope for Capricorn advises to purchase some jewelry with stones, happy for people of the Earth sign. It can be a variety of jewelry: earrings with a ruby, a ring with opal or cufflinks with onyx. Perhaps humble Capricorn women will choose only a brooch or chain with a suspension. Men will attract good luck to their side if they wear a ring with a morion. Serious Capricorns are quite demanding and for perfume, they like bitter smells: sandalwood, eucalyptus, fir.

People of the Earth sign are supporters of a healthy lifestyle, try to eat right. Even on New Year’s Eve, light meals will be preferred. But the interior and festive table should be decorated in accordance with the theme of the celebration. Capricorns will love the refined atmosphere: expensive dishes, crystal, candles, floral compositions with coniferous branches and bugles. New Year horoscope for Capricorn advises to include in the menu as much as possible vegetable dishes: baked potatoes with vegetables, salad with shrimps and avocado, pickled zucchini, cheesecake with pumpkin. Calm, restrained people of the earth sign it is difficult to find a common language with the surrounding people, so they do not interfere with a couple of glasses of good wine. You can serve red semisweet wine for vegetable dishes.

At the New Year party, Capricorns are not just entertained, but are looking for new and useful acquaintances. Active people remain faithful to themselves and in moments of rest, even in an informal setting trying to solve business issues. New Year’s horoscope advises people of this sign to forget about everything and plunge into the atmosphere of fun with a head. Do not expect that Capricorn will arrange a grand show, but it will prove indispensable in intellectual competitions. It can be attracted to participate in the quiz, and the answers to questions should be accompanied by a certain dance. Capricorn can not only demonstrate its brilliant intellectual data, but also have a little fun.

New Year’s Gifts for Capricorn

Wayward Capricorn women may not accept a gift if they do not like it. You should carefully think over all the nuances: gift wrapping, its contents, congratulations. Capricorns do not like surprises, so it’s better to find out in advance what they want to get for the New Year. It can be an ornament in a velvet case or a gift card of a jewelry store. Purposeful women devote much time to their favorite work, so a good gift for the New Year is a diary in a leather binding or a briefcase for papers. Creative people will like any subject, allowing you to create new masterpieces, for example, a set of brushes or a graphic tablet. Capricorns like to dress up, you can give a silk scarf or cashmere stole.

A serious Capricorn man likes practical things that can be used for a long time. In addition, he likes to choose the gifts himself, he is ready to spend the whole day on this important event. Therefore, it is better to present for the New Year gift card store. People of the earthly sign like to spend time at home. You can donate any item related to their hobbies: stamps, rare coins, carved chess. The original version is a photobook, in which all the memorable pictures are collected. Capricorn with pleasure will indulge in pleasant memories on long winter evenings. Men of the earthly sign will be pleased with the new phone, tablet or e-book.

New Year Horoscope