Gemini New Year Horoscope

Gemini — the most restless sign of the Western zodiac, belongs to the elements of Air. People of this sign are distinguished by their easy social character, they are mobile, energetic. Infinitely gushing with ideas, always ready for experiments. Therefore, the celebration of the New Year in one company with Gemini will bring a lot of positive emotions. They will find a way to amuse everyone, have an amazing talent to find a common language with any person.

New Year’s horoscope for Gemini promises an unforgettable holiday, which will be remembered not only for unrestrained fun, but also bring new acquaintances. Men and women of this sign invariably draw attention to themselves, it is impossible to resist their natural charm and charisma. A chance meeting at a festive table can have a big impact on the life of Gemini. Bright, emotional people, like no other, deserve happiness in the new year.

New Year for Gemini

Air — the elements are changeable and unpredictable, so people of the Gemini sign are spontaneous and fickle. They very much go light outfits from flowing fabrics of delicate colors: blue, pink, turquoise, violet. The New Year horoscope for Gemini recommends women to wear a smart trouser suit, it will not constrain movements. Therefore, they can have fun without worrying about their appearance. Men are better off stopping their choice on jeans and a shirt, they are too active to put on a strict suit. Gemini are great jokers and entertainers, they love to arrange jokes and surprises. Women will be absolutely irresistible in the frivolous costume of a cake, and in the image of a mysterious geisha. Men can choose a gin costume or a fun gnome.

People of the air sign — adventurers and incorrigible optimists, often rely on luck. Fate is usually supportive of them, but adornments with Gemini talismans: agate, pomegranate, and beryl are not superfluous. New Year’s horoscope claims that jewelry made of gold and silver is sure to bring good luck. After all, gold is metal, accumulating energy, awakening the creative spirit, and silver has long been endowed with magical properties. A compulsory addition to the New Year’s Eve is perfume. Gemini are impermanent in their preferences, often experimenting with smells. For the New Year’s Eve it is better to choose light, fresh perfumes with citrus notes.

People of the air sign are not fixated on food, for them the New Year is a cheerful holiday, an occasion to entertain from the heart. They are omnivorous, so they are quite satisfied with a modest menu. Although always ready for culinary experiments, one of the first dare to try exotic dishes. New Year’s horoscope for Gemini recommends a youth party with a buffet table. This is the most convenient option for celebrating, because they like to communicate, and the need to sit at a table, even if skillfully serviced, tires them. The best choice for a noisy party — light meals: salads in tartlets, meat rolls, canapés, fruit desserts. Gemini are naturally sociable and talkative, alcohol can only prevent unrestrained fun. Dessert wine or champagne is quite suitable.

Cheerful, energetic Gemini adore noisy companies. They not only entertain themselves with all their heart, but also actively involve all those around to participate in competitions. They like to sing, dance and even loudly recite poems in the hope of receiving a prize from Santa Claus. Gemini are happy with any opportunity to show their actor’s data to a wide audience, so they will not be equal in the game "Crocodile". Even the good old phantoms will seem like a great entertainment if the leading man or woman takes the air sign. Of course, the obligatory item of the New Year’s program should be incendiary dances. And the Gemini can do without hesitation and cancan.

New Year’s Gifts for Gemini

Women of this sign are rather fickle in their preferences: today one wants one, and tomorrow — the very opposite. But always sincerely happy gifts, especially beautifully packaged. Gemini love unusual things, they will definitely like the original handmade jewelry or silk handkerchief, painted in batik technique. An actual gift for the New Year — designer Christmas trees or a certificate for a master class for their manufacture. You can arrange a surprise and order a photobook that will remind you of the most beautiful moments of the past year. Women-Gemini carefully take care of themselves, so they will be pleased with the cosmetic set or season ticket to visit the beauty salon.

Energetic Gemini man — devotees of an active lifestyle. You can give a ticket for the New Year in the pool or fitness club. Skis, skates, snowboards will perfectly suit, you can try this gift on the second day of the new year. For home entertainment is suitable for electronic darts or air hockey, this is an extra opportunity to arrange a get-together with friends. People of the air sign are anxious about their house, so they will gratefully accept any piece of furniture. And they like not just beautiful, but also useful in everyday life things. A good gift for the New Year is a stylish table lamp or designer lamp with a photo of a Gemini male.

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