Leo New Year Horoscope

Leos are noble people, bear themselves in life with dignity and pride. Are too self-confident and not moderately hot-tempered. After all, the element of Fire gives them an emotional, passionate temperament. But at the same time they are famous for their generosity and kindness. Therefore, they are loved and respected by people around them, especially relatives and friends. Joint leisure with Leo — a happy and carefree time, he knows how to make a holiday unforgettable.

New Year horoscope for Leo advises to organize a secular party. People of the fire sign are lovers of beautiful life, pleasures and pleasures. They will have to taste and luxurious atmosphere of the event, and guests’ evening dresses, and the opportunity to find useful acquaintances. This is the most regal and majestic sign from the whole Zodiac, its representatives will be the decoration of the holiday, if they take the role of the lead on themselves.

New Year for Leo

Confident, determined people of a fire sign usually choose bright outfits. New Year’s horoscope for Leo recommends wearing all the best that is in the wardrobe. After all, a holiday is an excellent occasion to showcase yourself in all its glory and splendor. The Leo woman will be irresistible in a gold or purple dress. It is better to stop at the evening dress, for example, a long lace dress fitting silhouette. But if there is a youth party, you can choose short shorts and a shiny top. A cheeky image perfectly complement the high boots. The Leo man in a classic suit with a bow tie will look like a real gentleman. Over the carnival costume for a long time do not have to think, the best choice: the woman is the goddess Olympus, and the man is the sultan.

People of this sign love to decorate themselves, and men do not want to give the palm to women. The New Year horoscope for Leo recommends stopping the choice on luxury jewelry. Only flashy jewelry with precious stones fully reflect the entire degree of greatness of the Leos. Women can complement the outfit with a spectacular brooch or massive earrings with rubies. Of course, you can not do without necklaces and rings, it’s better if the ornaments are gold. This metal suits the royal Leos as well as possible. It is believed that amber is a happy stone for people of the fire sign. Men can wear cufflinks and a silver ring with amber. The finishing touch of the New Year’s image — perfume, Leos like sweet, tart aromas: musk, vanilla, rose, sandal.

Leos love to eat, in their view, no significant event can not do without a generous feast, especially the New Year. From their attention, not a single trifle escapes, the table should be impeccably served: porcelain dishes, expensive cutlery, starched napkins, elegant wine glasses. New Year’s horoscope for Leo warns against excessive sweets. It is better to give preference to meat dishes: duck in berry sauce, entrecote, Myrton in Provençal. An excellent addition to meat — red wine, especially Leos favorably to this noble drink. To the festive table you can serve a tart wine with a rich taste.

For Leo there is no greater joy than communication with friends and even unfamiliar people. He likes to spend time in noisy companies, but the role of leader must be unconditionally owned only to him. This is an excellent presenter, however, too fixated on his own person. New Year’s horoscope for Leo recommends behaving more restrained, yet all the guests deserve attention. Vain people of this sign will like the "King of the Party" competition. Everyone present must present himself in the most favorable light. You can not just paint your dignity, but also sing or dance. At the end, the participants of the event determine who will become the King of the party, most likely, it will be the Leo.

New Year’s Gifts for Leo

Women of the fire sign are passionate, addicted to nature. They seek to experience the full range of feelings, even negative emotions for them are much better than indifference. Therefore, a gift for the New Year can be anything, but not trivial. The woman will be madly pleased with the jewelry in an elegant case. This proud person is ideal for gold products, and they must be massive. Modest earrings-carnations it is better to leave for the woman of other sign. Leos adore looking in the mirror, they like to admire themselves. You can give a certificate for the New Year in a beauty studio or spa. A good option - a beautiful dress or negligee, but here the main thing is to guess with the size. About the color and texture of the fabric can not survive: Leo will suit any silk clothes of red color.

Leos love and value themselves too much, they agree to be content with a few things, but of high quality. Therefore, we should not give them souvenirs, charms and magnets for the New Year. But the business people of this sign will be pleased with the business card, diary in leather binding or a proprietary pen fountain pen. Leos like to surround themselves with luxurious things, they will have to taste carved chess handmade. A good gift for the New Year — a portrait, there is no doubt that a vain man will find for him the best place in his apartment. A Leo can like a cigarette case with an engraving, preferably inlaid with stones. No less pleasure will bring any decoration: a bracelet, a ring, a chain.

New Year Horoscope