Libra New Year Horoscope

Libra — a symbol of harmony and balance, the people of this sign have an innate diplomacy. They easily bypass sharp corners, find compromises and maintain good relations with all. These aesthetes and great lovers of pleasure, with great enthusiasm, take up the organization of parties. Libra — creative people, can come up with the most original scenario of celebrating the New Year.

People of the air sign are quite actively involved in the lives of friends and family. They like to gather guests in their house, New Year’s horoscope for Libra promises a noisy meal, a lot of jokes and fun. A great joy will be given to a party in a country house, because rest on nature promises a lot of entertainment: sledging and skiing, snowballing. Libra will be happy to spend time in the fresh air, especially in the company of the closest people. There is no doubt that the happily begun new year will bring many pleasant events.

New Year for Libra

Libra like to shine in society, they like spectacular outfits. People of this sign obey the elements of Air, so most of all they go colors, reminiscent of serene azure sky. The New Year horoscope for Libra recommends choosing a blue, turquoise or blue outfit. Women do not necessarily wear a dress on the floor, you can stay on an elegant suit: wide trousers and a lacy jacket. Men do not have to think long over the New Year’s way, just pick up a shirt and tie to the outfit. For a masquerade ball, Libra should prepare really colorful and bright costumes: a woman — a sea queen or a mermaid, a man — a pirate.

The people of the air sign have a wonderful taste, they know a lot about jewelry. For the New Year’s attire, it is better to pick up items with stones-talismans: lapis lazuli, malachite, onyx. Separate mention deserves opal, it has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, exacerbates intuition, promotes the awakening of creative forces. Women who choose to decorate with this stone, can be confident in their future. New Year horoscope for Libra promises happiness in his personal life and well-being in all matters. Men may well do without jewelry, a stylish enough tie and breastplate, sustained in one color scheme. But perfume deserves the most careful attention. Libra is very fruity and floral smells: jasmine, orchid, cloves.

Libra — sociable people, love to make noisy parties with delicious food. They strive to achieve harmony in everything, for them the ingestion of food is an art. Therefore, carefully think through the menu, table layout and even musical accompaniment. New Year horoscope for Libra warns against excessive enthusiasm for hearty dishes. It is necessary as often as possible to get up from the table, otherwise engaged in conversation Libra will miss all the fun. In the menu you can include light meals: canapes, salad with chicken, salmon kebabs. But sweets should be present on the New Year’s table in unlimited quantities: cakes, muffins, chocolate truffles, fruit mousse. Libra are not big fans of alcohol, you can confine yourself to whiskey and cognac.

New Year horoscope for Libra predicts a wonderful evening in the company of friends. You can not be afraid for how the party will take place, if there is at least one representative of the air sign among the guests. He will take great pleasure in entertaining all those present, this is a real diplomat, so he will find an approach to everyone. For example, he is able to follow the execution of joking assignments. Each participant in a noisy company receives from Libra’s hands a leaflet with instructions and the exact time of execution of the listed items. During the evening, regardless of what is happening around, guests are required to perform their assignments. The task of Libra is not only strict control, but also the encouragement of all participants in the competition.

New Year’s Gifts for Libra

Libra — the nature is refined, have a good taste, they like to surround themselves with beautiful things. Women of this sign will be happy to receive decorations for the New Year, and they will like handmade products more. They appreciate everything original, so they will gladly decorate the New Year outfit with a brooch made of beads or felt. You can donate a casket or a stand for decorations of unusual shape. The Woman of Libra will certainly find a place for them in her room, as well as for silk decorative pillows or an openwork knitted plaid. A good gift for the New Year for these lungs, like air, is a collector doll-angel. It will be worthy of looking elegant clothes of elite tea and gingerbread house. Scales will gladly spend a quiet winter evening with a cup of hot tea.

The man of the air sign is an aesthete, great importance is attached not only to the gift itself, but also to its design. Therefore, rather graciously accept a small elegant box with a talisman made of stone, happy for Libra: amethyst, malachite. It is quite appropriate to give a New Year’s muffler or a gift set: a tie, a breastplate, cufflinks. Libra likes to live life in motion, because new people, unusual places — a source of inspiration. They will easily agree to go on a long trip or spend the weekend outside the city. Therefore, with great gratitude will accept tickets for the sightseeing tour to any interesting place. A universal gift is a basket with delicacies: fruits, chocolate, wine.

New Year Horoscope