Sagittarius New Year Horoscope

Sagittarius — energetic, sincere people who enjoy every moment of their lives. The belonging of this sign to the element of Fire gives them emotionality and passion. Sagittarius — by nature powerful, proud nature, but have a soft, complaisant character. In any situation, they act decisively, while trying to take into account the interests of the surrounding people. To be with them in one company for the New Year — a real gift of fate.

New Year’s horoscope for Sagittarius recommends that you organize a celebration in a big way: loud music, fun contests, fireworks. Cheerful, good-natured people deserve the best holiday. In the near future, they will have to work actively, connected with work and family troubles. Therefore, people of a fire sign should properly rest before they take up their work by rolling up their sleeves. And in another way they do not know how, in all matters Sagittarius show zeal and diligence.

New Year for Sagittarius

People of this sign love life too much to waste their energy on trifles. Therefore, rather calmly relate to things, above all appreciate comfort and convenience. In their wardrobe there is not and can not be fanciful outfits, prefer a democratic style of clothing. New Year’s horoscope for Sagittarius advises you to choose a suit of saturated color: scarlet, blue, burgundy. A woman can choose a beautiful cocktail dress, it is convenient to dance all night long. A fashionable set: trousers, shirt, cardigan of thin knitting. For the New Year’s costume ball Sagittarius can choose an unusual, mischievous image: a woman is a seaman, a man is a Hatter.

Vigorous Sagittarius are fast paced in life, do not like to limit themselves to strict limits. They categorically do not like lurid cumbersome jewelry, prefer fine jewelry made of gold. New Year’s horoscope for Sagittarius promises luck and luck to all representatives of the sign. But it is worth giving preference to jewelry with precious stones: turquoise, amethyst, opal, emerald. Women can pick up the New Year’s Eve along with earrings with pendants, multi-tiered beads, wide bracelets. Men will feel more confident if they put on a chain with a mascot suspension. The finishing touch of the New Year’s image is perfume. Sagittarius like light, fresh smells, reminiscent of the sea breeze: lemon, sage, lotus.

Sagittarius can not be called gourmets, they are rather indifferent to food. So absorbed in fun and communication with friends that they almost do not pay attention to the festive table. New Year’s horoscope for Sagittarius recommends to prepare simple but tasty dishes: baked meat, boiled potatoes, salads, pies. But people of the fire sign are big sweeties, dessert should be especially refined: cake, cakes, fruit mousse, chocolate truffles. Sagittarius is contraindicated in strong alcohol, excessive craving for alcohol badly affects their nervous system. From the cheerful, sociable people they gradually turn into gloomy grumblers. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to light alcoholic cocktails.

At the New Year’s party, Sagittarius will not sit out, quietly waiting for the battle of the chimes. There is no doubt that the energy of these people will suffice not only for the preparatory stage, but also for the main part of the celebration — the entertainment program. New Year’s horoscope for Sagittarius does not exclude new acquaintances and unexpected surprises. Therefore, people of the fire sign should actively involve in the competitions free guests of the party. For example, the creative tandem in the contest "New Year Tree" can grow into something more. A Sagittarius man should depict a fir-tree, for this he will have to climb a chair, and the girl will have to decorate him as best he can with his improvised means. Perhaps in the course will go clothes and accessories for both participants.

New Year’s Gifts for Sagittarius

Funny Sagittarius women are very good at joking gifts, they are ladies with a good sense of humor. They will definitely like the Oscar statuette with a personal engraving or a funny textile doll. The woman of this sign will be pleased with the toy-symbol of the year, it is desirable to find an interesting variant in the form of a pillow, an original backpack. For the New Year, you can prepare a surprise: a romantic weekend in Paris. Of course, this is an expensive gift, you can start small: buy a suitcase-scooter. Sagittarius love travel, so they need a much-needed accessory equipped with wheels and a stable steering wheel. There is no doubt that cheerful leisure in anticipation of voyage to women of this sign is guaranteed.

Choose a gift for the New Year for the Sagittarius man — the task is very easy. If he does not like the present, he will be able to hide it. True, one can not even imagine what he might not like. Sagittarius love jokes and fun, easily respond to any adventures. Therefore, they can give anything for the New Year. For example, a set of tools made of chocolate. Quite decent options: wireless headphones, a computer mouse in the form of a car, virtual reality glasses. Sagittarius will like the gift certificate for flying in an aerotube or a riding lesson. A lot of laughter and fun will cause a running alarm clock with wheels to make it hard to turn it off.

New Year Horoscope