Scorpio New Year Horoscope

Under the sign of Scorpio, charismatic, strong people are born. They act boldly and decisively, they show ingenuity and fiction in any business. Willed Scorpios do not like to listen to criticism, they await admiration and unquestioning obedience. In preparation for the New Year will take a very active part, and necessarily insists on its version of the celebration. People of the water sign have a strong intuition, so it makes sense to listen to their wishes.

Scorpions are very loyal to their loved ones, therefore a holiday in the circle of relatives and friends is the best gift for them. They will have a small trip and a meeting with people, whose connection with them has long been lost. New Year horoscope for Scorpio promises a bright, memorable celebration. Emotional, temperamental people of this sign are able to have fun from the heart, and with great pleasure entertain everyone around. True, do not contradict Scorpio, it is better to agree with his ideas and suggestions.

New Year for Scorpio

All Scorpios, regardless of gender, adore dressing up, especially passionate women of fashion. They like to emphasize their beauty, so they prefer things of a complex silhouette of a saturated color scheme: red, emerald, gold, sapphire. New Year horoscope for Scorpio recommends not to change your taste, so the best option — elegant outfits from natural fabrics. The woman will look like a queen in a dress with a tight bodice and a lush skirt. A man is best suited suit, although the classic jeans and fashionable cardigan — a worthy set for the New Year. At the merry masquerade, the woman will make a sensation in the image of Cleopatra, and the man — in the costume of Dracula.

Scorpions like complex images, they often complement outfits with accessories: handbag, scarf, scarf, tie. Most of all they like ornaments, and from precious metals and stones. New Year horoscope for Scorpio promises success and prosperity. But for greater confidence in the dress or costume, you can pick up jewelry with stones-mascots: garnet, opal, ruby, sapphire. Women to face earrings with pendants and a multi-tiered necklace. Men very much go silver chains or bracelets with large links, they emphasize their strength and greatness. Scorpios — nature passionate, they like persistent, sharp smells. Women will be able to emphasize their sexuality with the help of tart, sweet flavors: vanilla, cinnamon, patchouli. Men are suitable toilet water with woody notes.

Temperamental Scorpios have a passion for food, they get real pleasure, absorbing it in huge quantities. Mostly they prefer traditional cuisine, but they do not mind being pampered with exotic dishes. New Year horoscope for Scorpio recommends to cook a truly royal feast in the oriental style. The design of the room and the development of the menu can be safely entrusted to Scorpio, his choice will pleasantly surprise the guests of the party. It is the mysterious atmosphere of the East that will awaken in him the desire to experiment. Menu themed dinner: shish kebab, chicken with eggplant, pilaf, manty. Of course, you can not do without oriental sweets: sherbet, halva. The table can be served red wine, and the use of strong spirits can provoke aggressive behavior.

New Year’s Eve is a mysterious, mysterious time when one year ends and another comes. Scorpios love everything mystical, they believe that on this holiday the most secret desires and bold dreams come true. New Year horoscope for Scorpio predicts a lot of pleasant surprises and bright moments that will be remembered for a long time. You can organize a costume party, people of this sign are always happy to try on someone else’s image. They have an excellent actor’s talent, they are able to fulfill any role. Scorpio can be appointed the leading holiday, but guests will have to obey him without question. Objections and arguments will not lead to anything good, the evening can turn into a scandal.

New Year’s Gifts for Scorpio

Women of this sign — bright, self-confident person, they will not have to taste a banal gift. You can make a small box with graceful earrings, but do not buy a huge teddy bear. The women of this water sign are very supportive of technical innovations. You can give a New Year smartphone, smart clock, wireless headphones or a tablet. Spectacular, bright women carefully monitor their appearance, so they like any gifts that allow to maintain beauty: a curling iron, a manicure set, cosmetics. Scorpions are great connoisseurs of fashion, they closely follow the release of every new collection of eminent designers. A good version of the gift for the New Year is the clothing of famous brands.

Scorpio men are gamblers, they like to take risks. With the same enthusiasm will accept the idea to go to a distant exotic country, and go on a campaign for a couple of days. You can donate a tourist equipment or a parachute jump certificate for the New Year. A good option is sports equipment or a subscription to a fitness club. Vain men like to see evidence of their exclusivity. Therefore, they will be delighted with a nominal statuette or a prize plaque, they will perfectly fit into the interior of the office. Often the man of this sign with all the strength of his temperament is given a favorite business. You can donate to the New Year an item related to his passion: an accessory for a computer, a printer for printing photographs or a super-powerful blender.

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