Taurus New Year Horoscope

People born under the sign of Taurus, differ practicality, discretion. They prefer to work hard, but not to have fun. It is important for them to feel successful, financially secure people. Only in this case they can be completely satisfied with their lives. Therefore, it is the Taurus, like no other, deserves a rest, all the more, can afford to walk on the New Year from the heart, not taking into account the costs.

Kind, gentle Taurus gets great pleasure from communicating with close people. A calm, balanced person is an ornament of any company, it is pleasant to deal with it. New Year horoscope for Taurus predicts a lot of positive emotions and new impressions. The atmosphere of carefree fun will allow him to be liberated, forget about his usual restraint. Perhaps he will dare to brave deeds, of which in ordinary life there could be no question.

New Year for Taurus

When choosing a New Year outfit, it is worth remembering that the people of the earthly sign are best suited for natural colors that repeat the colors of nature: brown, beige, gold. They most closely correspond to their calm temperament. New Year horoscope for Taurus recommends to stop your choice on the orders of low-key tones, but from natural fabrics. Women will be irresistible in a silk evening dress with lace accents. Male Taurus can wear a classic suit, although the cashmere jumper will look good too. For a costume ball, a Taurus woman can choose an oriental princess outfit. A man will make an indelible impression, presented to the guests in the image of a majestic Roman senator.

Throughout the year, luck will accompany those Taurus who decide to supplement the outfit with gold jewelry. After all, this precious metal suits the solid people of the earthly sign. New Year horoscope for Taurus recommends that women complement the toilet with gold earrings with turquoise, emeralds. Men can choose cufflinks or a tie clip with agate. Taurus should be cautious about jewelry with amber, this stone promises them a failure. Of course, you can not do without an exquisite perfume, because the fragrance can tell about its owner no less than clothes and accessories. Taurus prefer floral, slightly sweetish aromas. For example, perfume with the smell of jasmine, bergamot, vanilla and orange blossoms.

Taurus find pleasure in simple things, from the soul give themselves up to earthly joys. They love to eat deliciously, so the New Year’s table must burst with food. These fastidious gourmets can satisfy only an exquisite festive menu. New Year horoscope for Taurus recommends the following list of dishes: meat delicacies, tartlets with salmon and red caviar, chicken kebab, baked potatoes, grilled vegetables, exotic fruits. Taurus are big fans and connoisseurs of good alcohol. They are constant in their preferences, do not like to experiment with alcohol. Therefore, the set is quite standard: expensive wines, elite brands of cognac, whiskey.

Taurus loves noisy companies, but his behavior even in moments of exuberant fun remains rather low-key. He prefers the role of an observer, rather than an active participant in competitions. However, the atmosphere of the New Year’s night magically acts on people of the earth’s sign. They will be able to completely relax and surrender to the power of emotions. Taurus are not indifferent to everything material, so they will like contests related to money. For example, "Moneybox": each participant of the New Year party drops a banknote or several coins into the capacity, then the assumptions are announced how much money was collected. There is no doubt that it is Taurus who will call the exact amount and take the winnings to himself.

New Year’s Gifts for Taurus

The women of the earth sign are of a calm character, sociable and good-natured. They are sincerely happy with any signs of attention, it is not difficult to please them at all. A gift for the New Year can be anything, practical Taurus will find an application for each subject. For example, a photo frame and a box will perfectly fit into the interior of the room. You can choose a beautiful tippet or jumper with a themed print, they perfectly complement the Taurus winter wardrobe. Jewelry will make the most favorable impression, even if it’s even a gold bracelet with a simple weave. Taurus are real gourmets, they enjoy delicious food. Therefore, a good gift for the New Year can be Swiss chocolate and a bottle of French wine.

Taurus man — people are serious, so will not be able to appreciate a comic gift, most likely, offended. It is better to stop your choice on practical things, albeit not very expensive. For example, it can be wireless headphones or accessories for a computer. Taurus will be happy to receive a leather purse for the New Year, you can put a gift card of the store or a certificate. Book lovers will like a rare second-hand book. Taurus are not advocates of an active lifestyle, so they will be happy to spend evenings reading books. A universal version of the gift for men on New Year’s Eve is elite cognac. Taurus in all respects a reasonable measure, so they can enjoy the taste and aroma of this magic drink for a long time.

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