Virgo New Year Horoscope

People born under the sign of the Virgo fully demonstrate the qualities inherent in the representatives of the earthly elements: diligence, calmness, discretion. They are distinguished by purposefulness, caution, they try not to risk and always carefully consider their actions. These are serious men and women who are preoccupied with pressing problems, they are not interested in noisy parties. However, in the company of friends of the Virgo — funny people and not at all happy to have fun.

New Year’s horoscope for Virgo advises to distract from daily problems and head to plunge into the pre-holiday atmosphere. Economic people of the earthly sign can provide irreplaceable assistance in preparing for such an important event. They will certainly find a way to save money and arrange an unforgettable holiday, and at home. Virgo people do not like luxury and pomposity, they feel much more comfortable in a cozy atmosphere. They like to spend time with close people, so they will try to create the best conditions for their loved ones.

New Year for Virgo

Virgo do not tend to look bright, do not set as their goal to impress the imagination of others. They prefer high-quality clothes of low-key colors. However, the New Year’s horoscope for Virgo recommends trying on a daring, vivid image. The woman will make a sensation in a satin dress with a deep neckline, decorated with rhinestones. Men of this sign are adherents of the classical style, but on New Year’s Eve they can try out a disco-style outfit: tight trousers or jeans, a shirt of shiny fabric. Modest Virgos is better to stay on a blue or black color, nevertheless sharp changes are given hardly. To choose a carnival costume for people of the earthly sign is a huge problem, they are afraid to look ridiculous and ridiculous. An angel costume for women, and a knight for men.

Practical people of the earthly sign will not spend money on luxury, but useless things. Prefer graceful ornaments laconic form. Women face silver jewelry with stones, happy for Virgo: emerald, jasper, amethyst, jade. By the New Year, you can find jewelry with enamel, they look original, emphasize the individuality of its owner. Men-Virgo perfectly manage without jewelry, the only exception is the watch, this stylish accessory perfectly complements their strict image. Not less demanding Virgo to perfume, he must emphasize their restrained, calm nature. Therefore, choose thin, neutral flavors: lemon, mint, sandalwood, juniper.

Demanding, pedantic Virgo closely monitor what they eat and in what quantity. They love tasty, hearty dishes, and there must be a lot of them. No less important is the design of the table: appliances, utensils, napkins should be sustained in one style. People of the earthly sign are conservatives, ardent adherents of traditions. New Year’s horoscope for the Virgo advises to give preference to Russian cuisine: goose as king, pies, baked potatoes. The menu should include soft drinks: mors, compote. From strong alcohol, you can recommend vodka, although women like sweet tinctures on berries and herbs.

Virgo, despite their natural restraint, like to have fun, they like being in public. True, much depends on the mood and degree of alcoholic intoxication. In the circle of close friends, they behave liberated, and the presence of strangers causes discomfort. However, in any situation, the Virgo can easily cope with creative tasks, for example, to build from the improvised means of Christmas decorations. They will also like dance contests. New Year horoscope for Virgo promises positive emotions and pleasant acquaintances. Free men and women will be able to prove themselves from the best side if they take an active part in competitions. Their positive attitude necessarily will make a good impression on a potential partner.

New Year’s Gifts for Virgo

Virgo women are pedantic and accurate, and equally demanding of themselves and others. They carefully approach the choice of gifts and expect such a relationship from their close people. New Year horoscope for the Virgo argues that it will be appropriate to any subject that corresponds to the theme of the holiday. Practical women will appreciate the warm sweater with Scandinavian ornament or mittens with snowflakes. Very useful way will be a calendar or a diary for next year. Virgos are wonderful housewives, they like to work in the kitchen. You can give a set of towels, a tea pair or a blender. In addition, women of the earthly sign love to sew, embroider, so a good gift for these skillful needlewomen — a casket for sewing supplies.

A man born under the sign of the Virgo, is unlikely to buy a beautiful thing, if it is completely useless in everyday life. Although favorably accepts for the New Year some trinkets, with the only amendment — a gift must be of high quality. A business man willingly will put on the table a statuette made of natural stone, happy for the sign of the Virgo. Serious, pragmatic people of the earthly sign believe in the magic power of talismans. In their heart they are big romantics, they will definitely like the night projector, which reproduces the brilliance and radiance of distant stars. This is an extra reason to spend a quiet evening at home alone with your beloved. True, the Virgo men are completely indifferent to jewelry, so it is better to consider the following options for New Year gifts: a purse, a muffler, a belt, a tie.

New Year Horoscope