Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpios make everyone go weak at the knees they are so utterly gorgeous. They have a brain sharper than a computer and no challenge is too difficult. They are very interesting, friendly and helpful. If you don’t do something mean to a Scorpio they will be your friend for life. They have total control of everything and everyone. They are extremely jealous and will plan for weeks how to get their revenge. They make the best detectives, doctors and lawyers as nothing escapes their notice.

Reliable, resourceful and enduring, Scorpios seem to be the strong men and women of the zodiac. But are they really? They can be nasty at times, dishing out what they see as the truth, no matter how unwelcome. Their own feelings are sensitive and are easily hurt but they won’t show any hurt or weakness in themselves to others. When they are very low or unhappy, this turns inwards, attacking their immune systems and making them ill. However they have great resilience and they bounce back in time and again from the most awful ailments. Nobody needs to love and be loved more than a Scorpio, but their partners must stand up to them because they will give anyone they don’t respect a very hard time indeed. They are the most loyal and honest companions, both in personal relationships and at work. One reason for this is their hatred of change or uncertainty. Scorpios enjoy being the power behind the throne with someone else occupying the hot seat. This way, they can quietly manipulate everyone, set one against another and get exactly what they want from the situation.

Scorpio’s voices are their best feature, often low, well modulated and cultured and these wonderful voices are used to the full in pleasant persuasion. These people are neither as highly sexed nor as difficult as most astrologists make out, but they do have their passions, even if these are not always for sex itself, and they like to be thought of as sexy. They love to shock and appear slightly dangerous but they also make kind-hearted and loyal friends, superb hosts and gentle people who are often very fond of animals. Great people when they are not being cruel, stingy or devious!

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