Gemini Tomorrow Horoscope

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Sunday, May 16: The energy of the number 7 envelops the warmth and comfort, so there is no need to rush anywhere. The horoscope for tomorrow advises Gemini to abandon any attempts to influence what is happening: imitation of vigorous activity will not lead to success. Just rest or shift part of your responsibilities to others. In the days after the new moon, the body needs energy replenishment. Do yoga, spend more time outdoors, stick to the right diet. For Gemini, dreaming of personal happiness, it is time for a change. The Moon in Cancer makes people more sensitive and sentimental, so you can reach the heart of a loved one. In the near future, you should decide on what goals and objectives you set for yourself. If you want to learn a new specialty, start looking for training courses. However, act with an eye to circumstances, do not chop off the shoulder.

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