Leo Tomorrow Horoscope

Thursday, August 18: Energy number 9 enhances isolation, the desire for solitude. The horoscope for tomorrow offers Leos to reduce their business activity. You should not chase for universal recognition, exhausting yourself with exorbitant loads, it is better to direct efforts to find inner balance. In the period of the waning gibbous, your body is able to withstand increased physical exertion. However, it is better to replace strength exercises with yoga or unhurried walks in the fresh air. Family Leo will have to do household chores: the Moon in Taurus increases the need for comfort and coziness. It will be better if you do not become stubborn and grumble, but approach the issue of cleaning creatively. Stars advise you to purchase a lottery ticket. The chances of hitting a big win are very high, but this money is unlikely to have a huge impact on your life. It is better to spend them with benefits, for example, to charity.

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