Leo Tomorrow Horoscope

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Sunday, May 16: The influence of the number 7 will help you to dump the accumulated negative and take a fresh look at everything that happens. The horoscope for tomorrow advises Leos not to tempt fate with their rash actions. Do not rush the course of events, just watch, and time will put everything in its place. In the waxing crescent period, the protective properties of the body are reduced: the risk of exacerbation of chronic diseases is high. Take care of the strengthening of immunity and try not to overwork. Now Leo is better to focus on the affairs of his family: the Moon in Cancer helps to strengthen family ties. Communicate more with your other half and children, do not avoid frank conversations. Stars advise you to responsibly treat their parental responsibilities. Surround the children with care and love, they will respond to you in return. Invite a lot of guests, arrange a fun holiday — children’s emotions are priceless.

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