Sagittarius Tomorrow Horoscope

Thursday, August 18: In numerology, the number 9 — completion, summing up. The horoscope for tomorrow advises Sagittarius to start planning their future: it makes no sense to recall past failures. Try to spend the day without the hustle and bustle, even if you could not finish everything in time. In the period of the waning gibbous, your body is able to withstand increased physical exertion. However, it is better to replace strength exercises with yoga or unhurried walks in the fresh air. Now Sagittarius can think extremely soberly and rationally: the Moon in Taurus increases interest in everything earthly. Take time to discuss his concerns with your child; you can reach a common understanding. It is likely that fate will present you an unexpected gift: a new source of income. However, it is not necessary to change anything dramatically, wait a little with the change of work — everything is too undefined.

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