Sagittarius Tomorrow Horoscope

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Sunday, May 16: Sagittarius under the influence of the number 7 can be a bit harsh and inhospitable towards others. The horoscope for tomorrow advises you not to reject someone else’s help and advice. Of course, your ability to quickly grasp the essence of things is admirable, but sometimes it is useful to listen to another point of view. In the days after the new moon, the body needs energy replenishment. Do yoga, spend more time outdoors, stick to the right diet. Now for Sagittarius-parents there is nothing more important than relationships with children. The Moon in Cancer enhances the feeling of affection and intimacy: find the right words to make contact with the child. The right time to do household chores. Try to solve the problems that have accumulated, and if you do not want to bother yourself with homework, outline the plan for the future design of the apartment.

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