Scorpio Tomorrow Horoscope

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Wednesday, May 12: The horoscope for tomorrow promises Scorpios an interesting day full of various events. Energy number 3 enhances the natural charm, attracts people’s attention. Especially this day is successful for love confessions: most likely, you will not hear a refusal. During the period of the waxing crescent moon, your body is weak and needs to be replenished: replenish your energy reserves. You can treat yourself to delicious dishes, regardless of their calorie content. Scorpio parents can make irreparable mistakes: the Moon in Gemini makes people less organized and more selfish. Try for a while to forget about your interests, fully concentrate on the child. Be relaxed, do not hesitate to take the initiative — you will be noticed and appreciated. Much now will depend on your mood, if there is no desire to have fun — spend time at home, but it is better to live in full force.

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