Weekly Horoscope

June 27 – July 3: The fourth week of June is favorable for intense work, new sources of income are likely. Don’t go against the tide though. If your boss thinks you shouldn’t chase quantity at the expense of quality, resign yourself. In addition, overloading and fatigue increase the risk of injury. Take breaks from work to avoid exhausting yourself.

At the beginning of the week, bet on your intelligence. With the Sun in the sign of Cancer, concentration of attention increases, memory improves. If you are afraid of falling behind professionally, the weekly horoscope advises you to do self-education. Most likely, there are people around you who are ready to support this initiative.

Midweek circumstances may require you to act decisively. Mercury in Gemini gives eloquence and acting talent. If your way out of your comfort zone is stress, this time you will be able to do without mental suffering. Looking around, you will see people in a worse position than you. By helping them, you will become stronger.

Your love for the weekend will know no bounds. Under the Moon in the sign of Leo, people are inclined to communicate, crave compliments. The weekly horoscope predicts: you will be in the spotlight. Admiration, pleasant words, gifts and declarations of love – the head is spinning with happiness. However, do not lose control over yourself, try to benefit from it.

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