Weekly Horoscope

January 17-23: In general, the third week of January will be positive. Household problems and work troubles will not spoil the mood. As for your personal life, you will be satisfied with the changes that are taking place. Dating, flirting, communicating with the opposite sex – time will fly by. However, do not forget about health, do not overcool.

If you wish, in the first days of the week, you can smooth out any awkwardness. With the Sun in the sign of Capricorn, people are stubborn and persistent in defending their interests. In order not to aggravate relations with colleagues, relatives, the weekly horoscope suggests avoiding sensitive topics. Discuss the weather, work, school, distant relatives – everything except "slippery" issues.

Luck in the middle of the week will be on your side. Under the influence of Mercury in Aquarius, a person strives for social justice. If old acquaintances suddenly appear in your life, this is a sign of fate. Try to help them, share your wealth. In the future, everything spent will return: you will find money where you did not expect at all.

A pragmatic approach to business at the end of the week will help avoid tragedy. Under the Moon in Virgo, frivolity disappears, objective facts are more striking. The weekly horoscope recommends taking a closer look at the lucrative offers on the real estate market. If you are striving to reunite with your loved one, there is no point in postponing the move.

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