Weekly Horoscope

October 3-9: Creativity can be a source of inspiration in the first week of October. Try to get creative with unused resources to solve problems. Moreover, what is happening on the personal front is pushing for change. New acquaintances, sudden meetings with former lovers – an explosion of emotions. However, try to control yourself.

The measured rhythm of the first days of the week will suit your taste. The Sun in Libra gives Air signs a sense of calm and harmony. If you are at a dead end, do not know the ultimate goals, the weekly horoscope advises you to listen to yourself. Trusting your intuition, believing in your own exclusivity, you can achieve brilliant results in any business.

Financial calm is expected in the middle of the week. Mercury in Virgo teaches people independence and responsibility. The situation is quite stable: cash receipts are not expected, but the costs are minimal. Although everything will depend on your quickness. Pay attention to foreign partners, cooperation with them promises a good profit.

Sorting out the relationship over the weekend will not lead to anything good. Under the Moon in Aries, Fire signs demonstrate a desire to excel, to subjugate others. If you intend to teach your soul mate a lesson, the weekly horoscope warns: there is only one step from love to hate. Your jealousy is most likely unfounded, emotional with a plus sign.

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