Weekly Horoscope

October 18-24: In the third week of October, many new opportunities will open up for you. If you are not ready for the change, continue to work in your usual mode. Just keep in mind that luck will come with literally everything related to work. The only thing that causes concern is health. Watch the pressure, do not exhaust yourself with loads.

The measured rhythm of the first days of the week will suit your taste. The Sun in Libra gives air signs a sense of calm and harmony. If you are at a dead end, do not know the ultimate goals, the weekly horoscope advises you to listen to yourself. Trusting your intuition, believing in your own exclusivity, you can achieve brilliant results in any business.

It will be quite easy to agree on important issues in the middle of the week. The impact of Mercury in Libra is expressed in mental stability. Going to a meeting with business partners, be sure that you can come to mutually beneficial agreements. In your personal life, you will be no less successful, albeit not on the first try, but peace will reign in your family.

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