Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

June 27 – July 3: The fourth week of June is favorable for intense work, new sources of income are likely. Don’t go against the tide though. If your boss thinks you shouldn’t chase quantity at the expense of quality, resign yourself. In addition, overloading and fatigue increase the risk of injury. Take breaks from work to avoid exhausting yourself.

At the beginning of the week, do not take problems personally, they will soon be resolved. The Sun in Cancer causes confusion in the souls of people, makes them doubt themselves. In order not to lose control of the situation, Aquarius weekly horoscope advises to present the worst scenarios. Chances are, your fears will be exaggerated.

In the middle of the week, free Aquarius will attend to their personal lives. Mercury in Gemini gives eloquence and resourcefulness. If you were too serious before, try to become more relaxed. Don’t wait to get noticed, be interested yourself. Do not forget to be careful though, otherwise the search for love will turn into disaster.

Extraordinary ease will take possession of you on the weekend. Under the Moon in the sign of Leo, people are dynamic in contacts and affairs. The weekly horoscope for Aquarius recommends being in the thick of things. However, exercise discretion in love. Flirty recklessly, you can turn your loved one against yourself. Most likely, the feeling will be fleeting, and the past will not be returned.

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