Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

June 5-11: The energy of the first week of June pushes to risk, love frenzy. It is important not to miss the moment here, it will be more difficult further. Couples will be able to plunge into the maelstrom of passions if they do not restrain themselves. Go on a romantic trip, or at least start planning a vacation. Sun, vitamins, sea – your body needs rest.

In the first days of the week, your thoughts will revolve around money. The Sun in the sign of Gemini awakens a passion for risk, a desire to live to the fullest. Aquarius weekly horoscope suggests not to get hung up on this topic. If there is no urgent need for expensive purchases, it is better to refuse them. You can get by with small funds, the main thing is not to take loans.

In the middle of the week, household Aquarius will seriously get carried away with household chores. When Mercury is in Taurus, there is a tendency to weigh and plan everything. Tidying up your home, on your desktop, you will have a lot of fun. Lost things may be found that will be very useful now. It will be even better if you think about old friends.

There shouldn’t be any big deals on the weekend. Under the Moon in Pisces, people are absent-minded, whiny and capricious. The weekly horoscope for Aquarius recommends going in search of happiness. Just pack a few things, grab the necessary documents – and go on an adventure. New places, beautiful landscapes and interesting people will help you cope with your bad mood.

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