Aries Weekly Horoscope

August 15-21: The speed of events in the third week of August will be high. With a burst of energy, you will be able to keep up with this pace. Thoughts will be streamlined, ideas will appear on how to make the work interesting. Success in your personal life will be of great help. Passion, romance, dating pleasantly stir up the blood. Unions formed during this period can become happy.

It will be difficult for others to understand what is happening to you at the beginning of the week. With the Sun in the sign of Leo, the world is ruled by selfishness, people are intoxicated with a sense of permissiveness. Aries weekly horoscope invites you to look at yourself from the outside. Try to treat life in a simpler, ironic way. Then you will definitely be lucky in love: everyone dreams of an ideal companion.

In the middle of the week, Aries’ thoughts will be busy with work, which, however, is not surprising. Mercury in Virgo is a period of maximum concentration on business. An understanding will come that everything is possible, you just have to make an effort. Good profit, recognition in professional circles, admiration of relatives and colleagues await you. Your head can go dizzy from such perspectives.

The newly established relationship will be stable by the end of the week. The Moon in the sign of Gemini promotes mental uplift. If you still doubted your choice, the weekly horoscope for Aries assures you: a romantic story will have a happy ending. Relationships develop rapidly, and if something goes wrong, you can always turn back.

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