Cancer Weekly Horoscope

October 3-9: Caution in words in the first week of October will save you from possible tragedy. In order not to spoil the relationship with your partner, refrain from inappropriate comments. If you cannot deal with jealousy, you will be left alone. It is possible that your irritability signals health problems. Drink a vitamin complex.

In the first days of the week, you are able to move mountains, or at least try to do it. With the Sun in the sign of Libra, everything unnecessary falls away by itself, life takes on meaning. Cancer weekly horoscope suggests taking on any job. If there are any difficulties, colleagues will help you figure it out. In family relationships, trust the opinion of the parents more; experience is on their side.

In the middle of the week, Cancers will be busy drawing up a financial plan. When Mercury is in Virgo, pedantry manifests itself in every situation. Your ability to spend money wisely allows you to feel free about expenses. Business expansion, major purchases, a resort tour are very real goals. Indicate the size of the amount and the approximate timeframe for the implementation of ideas.

On weekends, simple things will work out that do not require much effort. Under the Moon in Aries, personal interests come to the fore. If you cannot decide how best to use your free time, the weekly horoscope for Cancer recommends focusing on everyday life. Tidy up your home, shop, or garden – simple and effective.

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