Cancer Weekly Horoscope

February 6-12: The events of the first week of February will have an impact on your future. The financial position will be stable, probably a tempting business or job offer. To protect yourself from possible losses, think carefully about your decisions: haste in business is destructive. In a love relationship, progress will be indicated, you will be affirmed in your choice.

The eventful first days of the week will be remembered for a long time. With the Sun in the sign of Aquarius, people are active and energetic, it is difficult for them to sit in one place. If you intend to plunge into the whirlpool of passion, Cancer weekly horoscope reminds you: it is important to correctly assess your capabilities. It is possible that a new acquaintance will harm your reputation.

Cancer’s enthusiasm in the middle of the week will be infectious. When Mercury is in Capricorn, people are so convincing that they are able to inspire and lead. Your boss will appreciate your obsession with your work, probably a cash reward or a new challenge. Interestingly, such a hectic activity does not interfere with personal life.

For a family celebration, the end of the week is perfect. The Moon in the sign of Libra brings a good mood, people willingly communicate and have fun. If you do not dare to present the chosen one, the weekly horoscope for Cancer states: the right moment has come. The acquaintance will take place, your loved ones will treat him kindly.

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