Cancer Weekly Horoscope

January 17-23: The third week of January is almost ideal for the implementation of ideas, although some difficulties are not excluded. Focus on your goals, try to avoid haste and harshness in communication. You cannot do without the help of like-minded people. In addition, you have to work on strengthening personal relationships, do not forget about the parents.

The kindness you showed at the beginning of the week will help you find reliable allies. With the Sun in Capricorn, people tend to act consistently without breaking the boundaries of others. Cancer weekly horoscope believes that by establishing close contact with colleagues, you will provide yourself with reliable rear. Perhaps some of them will want closer communication.

Cancers in the middle of the week don’t need extra determination: the whole world is at their feet. The negative impact of Mercury in the sign of Aquarius is manifested in overestimated ambition. Despite the firm spirit, you may be defeated. Do not be self-confident, delegate some affairs to partners. In your personal life, take on the role of a follower, trust your loved one.

Decisions made over the weekend must be firm. The Moon in the sign of Virgo gives you the desire to put everything in its place, to get useful information. If you are concerned about the housing issue, the weekly horoscope for Cancer recommends taking the initiative. Study the real estate market, consult with realtors, use acquaintances – what is the effort, so is the result.

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