Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

January 17-23: In general, the third week of January will be positive. Household problems and work troubles will not spoil the mood. As for your personal life, you will be satisfied with the changes that are taking place. Dating, flirting, communicating with the opposite sex – time will fly by. However, do not forget about health, do not overcool.

At the beginning of the week, you may feel the need to learn new things. The Sun in Capricorn gives purposefulness, the desire to achieve the unattainable. Capricorn weekly horoscope believes that it’s time to score points. Studying can help you grow professionally. Your diligence will have a positive effect on your personal life: success attracts.

For the opposite sex, Capricorns in the middle of the week are a tidbit. The influence of Mercury in the sign of Aquarius is manifested in benevolence, politeness. You are capable of being liked by everyone, without exception, one has only to tell the eyebrow – and the world is at his feet. It is likely that it was during this period that a romantic story will begin that will turn your life around.

Being categorical about food can get in the way of enjoying your weekend. Under the Moon in the sign of Virgo, one should not get carried away with diets and starvation. To feel lightness in the body, the weekly horoscope for Capricorn recommends going through a comprehensive program of cleansing the body. Although, there is an equally effective way to lose weight without food restrictions – love.

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