Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

October 18-24: The romantic mood reigning in the third week of October will not distract you from work. Dating and compliments will stir up the blood, add color to the relationship. At the same time, there will be enough strength for the responsible performance of official duties. Negotiations, business correspondence, preparation of important documents – everything should be so that the mosquito does not undermine the nose.

The first days of the week will be lavish in opportunities. With the Sun in Libra, people gravitate towards communication, strive to be in sight all the time. If you think that fate is not fair to you, Capricorn weekly horoscope advises to see something good and interesting in everything. First, put yourself in order, sort out your desires, and then it will follow the knurled one.

Free Capricorns in the middle of the week can get bogged down in business, forgetting about romance. The influence of Mercury in the sign of Libra is expressed in self-discipline, amazing self-control. Work is probably an important part of life, but you might miss out on the chance to find true love. Free up the evening to explore entertainment and culture.

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