Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

September 18-24: Financial troubles in the third week of September are possible, but in exceptional cases. Be careful not to resort to risky ways to earn money. Focus on what you know and do well. In your personal life, on the contrary, try to be original and creative. Fill your relationship with vibrant emotions.

In the first days of the week, you will want certainty on many issues. The Sun in Virgo does not recognize throwing and disbelief in oneself. Capricorn weekly horoscope believes that it will be possible to get complete information about what is happening. You can quickly figure it out, there is still time for your personal life. Here the picture is quite clear: trust in a partner is unshakable.

Capricorn composure in the middle of the week will delight everyone around. When Mercury is in Virgo, a person demonstrates tremendous determination. No speculation, only facts, dry numbers and certainty in business. The boss will be captivated by your efficiency, loved ones will like to be on the sidelines. In general, efforts will not be wasted.

The desire for privacy at the end of the week is understandable. The Moon in the sign of Capricorn reduces the emotional tone, people tend to isolate themselves from everyone. The weekly horoscope for Capricorn believes that it’s time to put things in order in life. While you are focused and collected, sort out the papers, conduct an audit of things, and also study the offers on the labor and real estate market.

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