Gemini Weekly Horoscope

March 27 – April 2: Anxiety and nervousness in the fourth week of March is completely unacceptable. Control yourself, try to reason soberly, without giving in to panic. Discussing work issues can end in conflict if you can’t control your emotional urges. For those thirsty for love, a happy time comes – romance is in the air.

In the first days of the week, wonderful prospects for creativity open up. With the Sun in the sign of Aries, everything new is studied with great attention and passion. Gemini weekly horoscope believes that a hobby will help change your attitude towards life. Perhaps it will become a family hobby or start to bring in a good income. In any case, the experience will be useful.

It will be difficult for Gemini to connect with others in the middle of the week. Under the influence of Mercury in Aries, leadership qualities are actively formed. If you don’t dampen your ambitious impulses, you will be solving problems alone. This will probably help with work, but in a relationship it can create a tense atmosphere. Think of your partner more than yourself.

You can fully relax on the weekend if you turn off your phone and get distracted from all Internet resources. The Moon in Leo gives discernment and natural intelligence. If the situation develops unpredictably, the weekly horoscope for Gemini recommends letting it go. Head to the SPA for spiritual and physical relaxation.

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