Gemini Weekly Horoscope

October 2-8: During the first week of October, the accumulated issues will have to be resolved urgently. The speed of your reaction depends on how successful your business will be. If you feel like you’re not doing your job, take a break. Moreover, in personal life, there are problems that require urgent solutions. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of romance.

The first days of the week can serve as an object lesson in terms of personal relationships. The Sun in Libra gives the ability to maneuver and avoid conflict situations. If you are ready to drastically change your life, Gemini weekly horoscope advises you to reform gently. By acting carefully, you will not lose the trust of loved ones, moreover, you will strengthen the connection with them.

By the middle of the week, problems in Gemini’s personal life may worsen. With the negative influence of Mercury in Libra, the desire for luxury, easy money increases. By focusing on your comfort, you will not notice those around you. Because of which, relationships with colleagues and relatives can go wrong. If there is no desire, create the appearance of interest.

At the end of the week, your business sense won’t let you down. Under the Moon in Cancer, people become especially frugal. If you feel profit where others do not see the prospects, the weekly horoscope for Gemini recommends not to give up on your intentions. Believe me, even a hopeless project will soon start generating income. In the meantime, get busy working on the details.

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