Leo Weekly Horoscope

November 29 – December 5: Spend the fifth week of November as relaxed as possible. Although, a lot will depend on the circumstances. It is possible that you will have to work hard and hard. In any case, you will definitely remember the first days of December. Even the situation in your personal life will be like a swing: absolute happiness or great tragedy – there is no middle ground.

Try to think carefully about the offers that come in the first days of the week. The Sun in the sign of Sagittarius blinds, deprives of sanity. In order not to enter into confrontation with companions, Leo weekly horoscope advises to immediately agree on the terms of cooperation. In personal relationships, behave more relaxed: love does not require discipline.

The actions of Leos in the middle of the week will be driven by the desire to attract good luck into their lives. When Mercury is in Sagittarius, people are easily inspired, but very quickly retreat from their ideas. Take care of cleaning, dismantle old things, or even better – get rid of them forever. Thus, you will make room for something new, brighter and better.

Relationships with loved ones on the weekend will come to the fore. The Moon in the sign of Sagittarius gives irritability, the desire to hide from problems. If you want to avoid a crisis, the weekly horoscope for Leo calls for prudence. Show stubbornness, you will be left alone: children, parents and your half will find an excuse to disappear from home for a while.

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