Leo Weekly Horoscope

June 27 – July 3: The projects started in the fourth week of June will be completed within a short time frame. Thanks to hard work, concentration and dedication, you will be able to accomplish much more than what you intended. Grab this chance, further work can be difficult, even with a creak. In your personal life, exercise the same grasp to take your relationship to the next level.

Plans to change jobs at the start of the week may be premature. The Sun in Cancer enhances the sense of duty and responsibility. Before abruptly cutting off the ends, Leo weekly horoscope advises to close existing obligations. In a love relationship, achieve mutual understanding, even if you have to make a titanic effort.

A pleasant event in the middle of the week can turn into unforeseen troubles for Leos. The negative influence of Mercury in Gemini is manifested in recklessness, a penchant for adventures. If you intend to resolve the housing issue, carefully study all the clauses of the contract. In personal relationships, be real, do not seek to produce an effect.

Attention craving can be an obsession over the weekend. The Moon in the sign of Leo makes you want to show off. The weekly horoscope for Leo warns: if you fall for flattering speech, you can break your life. There is no guarantee that the fan is not a scam and the super offer is a hoax. Use citrus essential oils to help keep your mind sober.

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