Leo Weekly Horoscope

September 18-24: Financial troubles in the third week of September are possible, but in exceptional cases. Be careful not to resort to risky ways to earn money. Focus on what you know and do well. In your personal life, on the contrary, try to be original and creative. Fill your relationship with vibrant emotions.

Haste in the first days of the week will not lead to anything good, you will go down the wrong path. With the Sun in Virgo, people are solid, as if immersed in themselves. If you are planning something grandiose, Leo weekly horoscope advises you to wait for a more opportune moment. While you may be missing out on a great deal in this case, seek advice from reputable people.

Leos in the middle of the week will prove themselves to be good family men. When Mercury is in the sign of Virgo, there is some fussiness, excessive pedantry. If you have made plans for a long time, but did not even dare to voice them, it’s time to take the bull by the horns. Redecoration, purchases for the home will require small expenses, and the space will be qualitatively transformed.

The weekend will be marked by health. The Moon in Capricorn is not the easiest period in terms of colds. The weekly horoscope for Leo believes that preventive measures will help avoid a critical situation. Try not to hypothermia, quit smoking, or at least cut back on cigarettes. Hardening will give a good result.

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