Pisces Weekly Horoscope

June 27 – July 3: In the fourth week of June, you will not have to worry about your business reputation. Act straightforward and assertively, while trying to take into account the interests of others. Do not give the slightest reason to suspect yourself of foul play. If you are haunted by failures in your personal life, cheer up: a fateful acquaintance is coming soon.

Cases requiring deliberation in the first days of the week will argue at an unimaginable speed. With the Sun in Cancer, people are serious and collected to the limit. Pisces weekly horoscope advises you to get the most out of this period. If you feel that you cannot handle the stress, do breathing exercises to restore balance.

The slowest Pisces in the middle of the week will show miracles of quickness. Mercury in the sign of Gemini gives vigor, amazing stamina. The situation will develop in such a way that you will have to act clearly and accurately. The supply of your energy is practically inexhaustible, if you manage it skillfully. As a safety net, seek support from your close circle.

Personal and business relationships at the end of the week can be taken to the next level. The Moon in Leo intensifies the thirst for action, the head works surprisingly well. The weekly horoscope for Pisces assures: the boss will meet you halfway. You don’t have to dodge, especially to draw attention to yourself. Also in amorous affairs: love, passionate dates under the moon.

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