Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

February 6-12: During the first week of February, you will feel an emotional boost. Thanks to a positive attitude, it will be possible, if not to move forward, at least to hold the position. If you wish, you can easily achieve success in all areas of life, especially the events on the love front. Quarrels, new acquaintances, flirting – all this will benefit the relationship.

In the first days of the week, it may seem to you that nothing is happening: life seems to have stopped. With the Sun in Aquarius, people tend to go from one extreme to another. Sagittarius weekly horoscope suggests not to show spontaneous activity. The changes will become noticeable a little later, but now deep processes are taking place. Be patient, there will still be.

The sincerity of Sagittarius in the middle of the week will melt the hearts of everyone around. Mercury in the sign of Capricorn endows with the talent of a philosopher and diplomat. To solve painful problems on the personal front, do not resist your nature. Waste the vibes of love, lure into the net of the one for whom you have feelings. If you’re free, try having an affair with a coworker.

Resentment from scratch can darken the weekend, which is completely undesirable. The Moon in Scorpio makes people sarcastic and jealous. If you are emotionally unrestrained, the weekly horoscope for Sagittarius warns: the situation is very explosive. Channel your energies into something more rewarding, arrange a romantic date, or go headlong into work.

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