Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

August 15-21: The speed of events in the third week of August will be high. With a burst of energy, you will be able to keep up with this pace. Thoughts will be streamlined, ideas will appear on how to make the work interesting. Success in your personal life will be of great help. Passion, romance, dating pleasantly stir up the blood. Unions formed during this period can become happy.

Meeting interesting people early in the week will broaden your horizons. The Sun in Leo gives energy of such strength that life is gaining momentum. Sagittarius weekly horoscope believes that communication on the Internet can be useful for you. Under the influence of a new acquaintance, you can make decisions that will lead to changes in the way you live.

Lack of compliments can be very upsetting for Sagittarius in the middle of the week. The influence of Mercury in the sign of Virgo is expressed in the desire to find a rational explanation for everything. Unleash your imagination, get a new hairstyle, bright makeup or buy a perfume. If you want to attract love into your life, pay attention to perfume with oriental notes.

Dedicate the weekend to yourself, stick to a healthy lifestyle. Under the Moon in the sign of Gemini, people are prone to colds. The weekly horoscope for Sagittarius recommends eating right, exercising regularly to strengthen the immune system. Fitness and yoga lead to the production of endorphins, as a result: an increase in the body’s defenses.

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