Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

June 27 – July 3: In the fourth week of June, you will not have to worry about your business reputation. Act straightforward and assertively, while trying to take into account the interests of others. Do not give the slightest reason to suspect yourself of foul play. If you are haunted by failures in your personal life, cheer up: a fateful acquaintance is coming soon.

At the beginning of the week, not everything will come easy for you, but this is temporary. The Sun in Cancer enhances the presentiment of trouble, encourages you to think about bad things. If you are confused, do not know how to get down to business, Scorpio weekly horoscope advises to lure luck. Help those who are even harder, be generous to them. You will see how life will improve immediately.

In the middle of the week, competitors can spoil the blood of Scorpios. When Mercury is in Gemini, people are not entirely honest in their actions. Most likely, your opponents will decide to go on the offensive. Watch the situation carefully, when you hear something important, immediately use it for your own purposes. If your loved ones really love you, they will support you.

Even on weekends, there is food for thought. Under the Moon in Leo, people are not indifferent to each other. If you feel tension in communicating with colleagues, the weekly horoscope for Scorpio believes that this is a wake-up call. Do not move away from the team, on the contrary, be sensitive to what is happening. You will hear valuable advice or some cool ideas.

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