Taurus Weekly Horoscope

March 20-26: In the third week of March, you can feel a surge of inspiration. Business problems will no longer seem insurmountable, relations with colleagues will be normalized. The secret to positive change is unconditional belief in yourself. To maintain tone, be more often in the fresh air, eat right. In your personal life, try to do without a showdown.

Preventing a split in the team is the main task for the first days of the week, even if it seems overwhelming to you. With the Sun in Aries, people are obsessed with their ideas. Taurus weekly horoscope advises to defuse the situation. Spice up the conversation with humor and be casual. Use invigorating essential oils to create the mood you want.

Ignoring intuition clues, Taurus in the middle of the week will become easy prey for scammers. The impact of Mercury in the sign of Aries deprives you of vigilance. You are able to analyze, build complex schemes, but you are completely defenseless against intriguers. Do not believe the flattering words of competitors, keep your developments a big secret.

Doing a debriefing at the end of the week will set the stage for future accomplishments. With the Moon in Taurus, there is a particular stability of opinions and views. To move on, according to the weekly horoscope for Taurus, you need to figure out what is happening at the moment. Assess your actions, try to identify prospects.

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