Taurus Weekly Horoscope

January 24-30: The fourth week of January favors lovers and couples. At work, the situation is stable, financially serious shocks are unlikely. While getting carried away with your personal life, you may miss the alarm bells. Be vigilant when making calculations, making deals. While your health won’t let you down, remember to control your blood pressure.

The first days of the week will be enveloped in an atmosphere of soulfulness. The Sun in the sign of Aquarius gives the ability to see something unusual in familiar things. Taurus weekly horoscope advises to look at others in a new way. Support colleagues, loved ones, especially parents. Perhaps some of them need financial help or advice, and some do not have enough warmth.

Taurus dreams in the middle of the week will be realistic. Under the influence of Mercury in Capricorn, a systematic action is noted. You probably do not know your capabilities, do what resonates in your soul. Forgotten hobby, new hobby – be methodical and consistent. You can sacrifice time and unimportant things so as not to miss the main thing.

The weekend will be calm if you don’t interfere with things that don’t concern you. Under the Moon in Capricorn, straightforwardness can be rude. Instead of looking for flaws all over the place, the weekly horoscope for Taurus recommends a proper rest. If you are not a fan of sports, gardening, head to a beauty salon or shopping.

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