Virgo Weekly Horoscope

September 25 – October 1: Give your loved one a memorable gift in the fourth week of September. A small romantic getaway, a luxurious decoration or a spa break – the choice is yours. Thanks to the initiative shown, it will be possible to avoid a quarrel. At work, the situation is stable, although surprises are not excluded. Most likely, these will be events with a plus sign.

The week may not start as originally planned, but you will love it. The Sun in Libra does not tolerate unnecessary fuss and meaningless deeds. Virgo weekly horoscope thinks that you spend a lot of time on unnecessary things. Try to structure your life, professional and personal. Decide how you see the near future.

In the middle of the week, Virgos will be convinced that beauty rules the world. Under the influence of Mercury in the sign of Virgo, people become more pedantic, fixated on the image. If you are unhappy with your appearance or a loved one hints at the need for change, go to a beauty salon. A new hairstyle, radiant skin with freshness – no doubt you are gorgeous.

Be careful about your financial matters at the end of the week. Under the Moon in Aries, people ignore any orders and prohibitions. The weekly horoscope for Virgo recommends staying away from risky operations. In the heat of excitement, you can lose all your capital. Postpone deals, ditch investments, but small expenses won’t hurt your budget.

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