Aquarius Health Horoscope

Aquarius is a sign relating to the elements of air. Its representatives are creative and sensitive natures. Diseases overtake them suddenly, although the causes of sores accumulate for a long time. Aquarius health depends on his psycho-emotional state. Simply put, these are people of mood. They suffer from nervous tension and problems with the circulatory system. People born under this familiar, do not spend much time in the hospital. Often they leave the treatment halfway, as the monotony quickly bothers them.

Health Horoscope for Aquarius Men

Aquarius men gives the impression of open, sociable people. However, they often prefer solitude to the crowd. In childhood, they often get sick, not differing in strength and endurance. Cold and pneumonia for them - a common thing. With age, the situation changes dramatically. Male Aquarius can boast good health, which can do little harm. But diagnosing a serious illness is extremely difficult.

The health horoscope speaks of the low stress tolerance of Aquarius men. The slightest violation of the usual comfort can lead to numerous nerves and panic attacks. Representatives of this sign also differ in the habit of falling into despondency and despair. The anxiety of this sign can cause increased enthusiasm for extreme entertainment, which entail the receipt of various kinds of injuries. Emotional experiences can lead to insomnia.

Aquarius men has the vulnerable legs. They often complain of muscle spasms, varicose veins and swelling of the lower extremities. Astrologers recommend them to avoid occupations associated with increased load on the legs. Often, Aquarius men suffers from migraines and vision problems. Representatives of this sign should also pay attention to the health of the cardiovascular and circulatory systems. Positively their well-being will be affected by living in a temperate climate.

Health Horoscope for Aquarius Women

Aquarian women are distinguished by high intellectual abilities and heightened emotionality. These are artistic natures who love to be in the center of attention. Representatives of this sign seek as often as possible to come to the aid of those in need, which often does not benefit their health. Due to their high sense of responsibility and empathy, they suffer from insomnia, overwork and fatigue. Despite the emotionality, they do not like to show in public what is in their heart. Such secrecy negatively affects their health.

The horoscope advises women Aquarius to avoid overwork and more often rest. From chronic problems with fatigue they will be helped by sports and walking in the fresh air. Astrologers recommend to pay attention to the condition of the heart, blood vessels and joints. In addition, the fair sex is subject to various kinds of allergic reactions and colds, even chronic lung problems. It is important for them since childhood to carry out tempering procedures, to strengthen the immune system.

Improper lifestyle and poor diet can aggravate the disease state. For representatives of the air element, it is important to observe a balanced diet, which will contribute to the removal of toxins from the body. In older women, Aquarius women have problems with vision and lower limbs. Often women in years suffer from varicose veins and thrombosis. Health Horoscope for Aquarius advises to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and do not forget to do a workout for the legs.

Useful and bad habits

Aquarius cannot imagine their life without new impressions. Due to the light character, they will always find an approach to any person. Their goodwill and openness attracts new acquaintances. It is believed that the representatives of this sign are the best advisers and can find a way out of any predicament. In this case, the Aquarius themselves rarely accept outside help. People born under this sign are extremely freedom-loving and not subject to outside influence. For them, there can be no authority. Aquarians have a large supply of vital energy, making it easy to cope with the blows of fate. They are not vindictive and quickly forgive insults.

Speaking about the negative features and bad habits of Aquarius, it is impossible not to mention their high self-esteem. These people do not like to wait and are not a model of patience. They will not dissemble and speak in riddles, as a result of which they may unintentionally injure the interlocutor with their own words. Aquarians are prone to alcohol and nicotine addiction, which will be very difficult for them to get rid of. Increased desire for freedom and independence over time has a chance to grow into a mania that scares friends. The best solution for Aquarius would be to translate their nervousness into a creative stream.

Diseases and hazards, vulnerabilities

To the most vulnerable places of the body of Aquarius can be counted lower limbs, and in particular the calves and ankles. Weak points are also considered ligaments, blood vessels, tendons, organs of vision and the nervous system. Doctors say they have a predisposition to kidney disease, pneumonia, allergies and a tendency to various injuries. The provoking factor of many physical disorders is increased fatigue and fatigue, leading to a weakened immune system. The result may be the occurrence of a depressive syndrome.

Frequently diagnosed diseases in Aquarius are cataracts and varicose veins. Astrologers have noticed that cataracts develop in those representatives of this sign who seek to keep up everywhere, and try to take everything from life. Varicose veins pursue those who devote much time to sitting. Often, problems do not manifest themselves for a long time. However, if they were found to get rid of them is difficult, and their course is rather difficult. Many disorders Aquarius acquire because of the neglect of their own health.

Nutrition Tips for Aquarius

People born under the sign of Aquarius, do not differ special demands on food. They are accustomed to enjoy life and can find advantages in even the most simple dishes. Aquarians are in dire need of the presence of vitamins C and E in the products they use. This is due to a weakened circulatory system, which they will help strengthen. They can be found in apples, lemons, grapes, pears, oranges and pineapples. Get rid of nervous disorders will help products containing in its composition a large amount of calcium: milk, kefir, soybeans and almond nut. Representatives of this sign is desirable not to abuse animal fats. Meat dishes should not occupy a central place in their menu.

The diet for Aquarius should be for the most part vegetarian. It is useful for them to eat foods that do not need heat treatment. The diet of this sign should include seafood, in particular ocean fish and sea kale. The use of various vegetables, such as tomatoes, carrots, pumpkin, asparagus, radishes, spinach, as well as cereals, positively affects the state of the body and supports it in a tone. Astrologers advise Aquarius to organize periodic hunger strikes and body cleansing from slags. This will help reduce the likelihood of health problems in old age.

Fitness and sports, outdoor activities

Aquarius is a freedom-loving personality, which is ideal for extreme sports. They are constantly in search of new experiences and quickly cool down in relation to one or another hobby. Thanks to their lightning-fast reaction, people born under this sign will become excellent basketball players. They can also make great strides in athletics. Aquarius is a sign of air, so it is not surprising that its representatives are drawn to sports activities associated with this element. Fitness horoscope for Aquarius advises them to try themselves in skydiving. These people feel good at mountaineering, skiing and figure skating.

Aquarius is not accustomed to restrictions, so it is important for them to unleash their creative potential even in sports. The ideal solution for such individuals will be dancing and parkour. They relate well to excursions and will not refuse to hike through caves, rocks or dense forests. Representatives of the older sign will enthusiastically accept mystical and spiritual practices, similar to yoga. However, for a long time they will not be enough because of the overflowing energy from inside and the inability to sit in one place. Thanks to well-developed communication skills and the ability to find a common language with people, Aquarius may like team sports, such as football or hockey, especially if they take a leading position in the group.

How to maintain and improve health

In order to preserve good health, the Aquarius health horoscope advises to avoid stress and nervous tension. People born under this sign, it is extremely important to find a hobby that can distract them from everyday problems and leave for a while from reality. Aquarius, no matter how they want, should not keep all emotions in themselves and hide them from others. A timely outburst of accumulated feelings will also help them maintain emotional balance. Astrologers recommend reviewing your social circle and, if possible, exclude people who annoy them and make them feel negative emotions. Soothe loose nerves Aquarias will help broths and tinctures of medicinal herbs, such as chamomile.

The body of Aquarius has a beneficial effect regular hardening and exercise. Daily morning and evening jogs, as well as fresh air, will charge them with a sense of cheerfulness for the whole day. To avoid problems with varicose veins will allow regular water treatments, for example, trips to the pool or rest on the beach. In addition, you need to eliminate long-standing on his feet. Astrologers recommend to monitor your diet and not allow excess nutrition, as Aquarius is prone to rapid weight gain. To maintain health until old age, it is important to give up alcohol and tobacco smoking. Do not forget about healthy and regular sleep.

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