Cancer Health Horoscope

Cancer is one of the most unusual representatives of the zodiac circle, a representative of the Water element. His heavenly patron is the Moon, volatile and mysterious. Cancer depends on the phases of the Earth’s satellite, its mood often fluctuates, changes, its behavior seems unpredictable and strange. But the representative of the water sign is not at all a melancholy, but rather optimistic, likes to communicate, has a deep mind and a good sense of humor. Outwardly, this person seems balanced, calm, but hides within himself excitement and fears. This is a very impressionable and sensitive nature, but positive emotions, joyful events can at one moment improve the physical condition of the sign. The horoscope of health for Cancer is not always favorable and largely depends on the mood of a person, his lifestyle.

Health Horoscope for Cancer Men

Cancer man does not have good health. By nature, people of this sign have a weak metabolism and fluid circulation in the body. The head, skin, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, bladder, nervous system are vulnerable. This sign requires constant monitoring of health, a positive attitude, a positive environment. Men of the water element are hardworking, can make a career and achieve material prosperity for themselves and their families. In addition, they are thrifty, do not waste money on their whims. But often they take on too many responsibilities that they cannot afford. The ability to work of representatives of this sign depends on well-being, they should correctly calculate their strength and do not forget to take care of themselves.

This does not mean that a Cancer man cannot have good health. With an optimistic attitude, an active lifestyle, sports and diet, the life of a representative of this sign promises to be long and fruitful. Health monitoring, timely treatment are especially necessary after 40 years. You can’t lock yourself in, succumb to depression, or revolve in a society of "whiners" obsessed with talking about illnesses. For a suspicious water sign, this is unacceptable. After hearing the story of death, severe ailment, or improper treatment, the impressionable Cancer itself may fall silent and fall into bed for a long time. Injuries should also be avoided, scratches that do not heal for a long time, cause physical suffering.

According to the health horoscope, the Cancer man can be influenced by various phases of the moon, which either bring a surge of strength, or, conversely, take away vital energy. Representatives of this sign feel best at home, in the family, in the most secluded and safe place. This is not surprising, because Cancer is one of the most loyal signs to the family. This is a loving husband, a wonderful father who works for the sake of family values, each mined grain is carried by children, helps to build a cozy nest. Therefore, family representatives of the sign, with the support of loved ones, have the opportunity to live long without serious health problems.

Health Horoscope for Cancer Women

A gentle and outwardly calm woman Cancer also feels best at home. This sensitive lady hides fears and anxieties inside, keeping external calm. Experiences can lead to illness, melancholy, and depression. The horoscope of health warns of the need to monitor nutrition, work and rest. If a woman fully devotes herself to family responsibilities, forgetting about herself, then she can overwork and fall into bed. She is a wonderful mistress, wife and mother, which must be cherished and cherished.

The representative of the water element is very impressionable, absolutely can not stand criticism, rudeness and inattention. A vulnerable woman must constantly hear words of approval, support, which she needs more than others. Kind words, compliments, any manifestation of love will make her happy, prevent illnesses, nervous breakdowns. Family members must remember this in order to preserve the health of the wife or mother. Small signs of attention, a kiss goodbye, a bouquet of wildflowers as a gift will make her day happy.

Cancers women are vulnerable to the lymphatic system, breast, endocrine system, skin, mucous membranes. The female breast is most at risk, everything related to feeding a baby, digestive system organs. The health of a woman depends on the state of her nervous system. At any moment, an emotional lady can be seriously ill, but she will immediately recover from a good news or a profitable transaction. From the outside, it may seem that she is pretending to be sick in order to achieve her goal. However, close people know that her health is directly dependent on her mood. Cancers are sincere and responsible people who just try to choose the right moment to achieve their goals with the least loss.

Useful and bad habits

The most unstable and weak in character Cancers are not able to withstand circumstances, often prone to phobias, depression. Fears and excessive loads, hostile environment, unsolvable tasks and bad habits can cause withdrawal, lead to the abuse of alcohol, drugs and psychotropic substances. It is almost impossible to return Cancer to real life, you need to spend a lot of strength, love and care for treatment and rehabilitation. Fortunately, abuses do not happen often. Cancers are distinguished by a great sense of responsibility, they cannot leave relatives without care, forget about their responsibilities.

Considering the features of the sign and recommendations of the Cancer health horoscope, a sane representative of the element of Water can build his life in accordance with the rules of a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition, daily walks, morning exercises, fitness and sports will help to overcome the adverse effects of the planets, will enable Cancers to live a long and fruitful life. An important place in organizing a healthy lifestyle is occupied by a positively-minded family, kind and sincere atmosphere at work, comfort and good friendships. Communication in the circle of relatives and friends favorably affects the state of health. And good habits and a positive environment will save you from malaise and harmful influences.

Diseases and hazards, vulnerabilities

According to the horoscope of health, Cancers are vulnerable to injuries and illnesses. People of this zodiac sign need constant monitoring of their health, regular monitoring by doctors. Starting from infancy, they suffer all possible childhood illnesses. It should be borne in mind that small Cancer is experiencing difficult discord and quarrels in the family, the poor emotional state of the child will immediately lead to illness or a nervous breakdown. In addition, children do not tolerate physical injuries, they are sensitive to pain, and wounds and scratches heal for a long time.

Adult representatives of the water sign are also very suspicious, easily panic, making "out of molehills." This feature often leads to more serious illnesses. Cancers need to protect the head, brain vessels, lymphatic and endocrine systems, and the gastrointestinal tract. People of this sign are especially susceptible to chronic diseases: gastritis, peptic ulcer, pancreatitis, chronic constipation, diabetes mellitus, diseases of the nervous system. These diseases are especially aggravated after 40 years; they can be dangerous if you do not keep them under control. Literally all the systems of the body of Cancers do not work at full strength, if you do not help their work with healthy nutrition, movement in the fresh air, and physical exercises.

Nutrition Tips for Cancer

The diet for such a sensitive zodiac sign as Cancer should be balanced and carefully thought out. Food should not be overloaded with heavy dishes, a lot of meat. The need for proteins is best met by eating low-fat varieties of poultry, seafood and fish. It is necessary to limit the use of salt, since the liquid in the body of Cancers often stagnates, the kidneys are not active enough. Do not get involved in dough products and sweets, the body is not able to cope with a lot of fast carbohydrates. At the same time, slow carbohydrates in the form of cereal products, cereals will benefit. Vegetables, herbs are necessary in the diet of the water sign; they help to remove undigested food and harmful toxins from the body.

We must not forget about the environment in which this sign feeds. Comfortable conditions, family atmosphere, friendly conversation will help the proper digestion process. Quarrels, unkind remarks, negative emotions while eating are contraindicated in Cancers, can cause digestive diseases or a nervous breakdown. People of this sign are very vulnerable and require a special attitude to themselves.

Fitness and sports, outdoor activities

According to the fitness horoscope, Cancers need to constantly monitor their health. These are fitness classes led by an experienced trainer without overloads. Morning exercises, light jogging in the fresh air, sea bathing are useful for a weakened body. It is also necessary to observe the regime of the day, work and rest. You should not sleep too long, but you need to get enough sleep. Water procedures, swimming are the most useful activities for this sign.

Traveling, tourism are not very attractive for these couch potatoes, but walks in the fresh air, light physical exercises are very useful. Although family gatherings, household chores bring Cancers much more joy. Work on the garden site can bring benefits and great pleasure to people of the water element. Communication with flowers, plants and animals will also please.

How to maintain and improve health

In general, it is possible to maintain and strengthen the health of this unusual zodiac sign, but it requires serious efforts and careful attention. One cannot do without observation and periodic medical examinations of a doctor. A medical examination should be done annually to prevent the development of chronic diseases. The daily routine, the right diet that does not allow excess weight, regular exercise and outdoor walks, swimming are useful to any person, but they are simply necessary for Cancer.

The representative of this zodiac sign should find a job, an occupation to his liking, in which you can achieve success, material well-being. Cancer is a purposeful and hardworking person, able to provide well-being, comfortable living to his family and children. Marriage must be durable, for life, and loved ones will provide comfort and support in any difficult situation. With the care of relatives and self-discipline, Cancer’s life can be long and happy. In addition, classes in art, music, contemplation of beautiful paintings, visits to theaters, concerts, are beneficial for the talented sign. Enjoying art, realizing his natural talents, Cancer receives a boost of energy and health.

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