Capricorn Health Horoscope

Capricorn is one of the signs that have difficulty with self-realization and health. Their well-being is directly dependent on age. In childhood, they are plagued by muscle weakness, and any diseases often spill over into an acute form that is life threatening. Often, illnesses acquire a chronic condition from which they suffer throughout their lives. In old age, representatives of this sign, by contrast, are a model of vigor and excellent health. The distinctive features of Capricorns are incredible endurance and a well-developed self-preservation instinct.

Health Horoscope for Capricorn Men

Capricorn man — the winner in life. He plans everything ahead and is always ready to rush into battle. It has an inexhaustible supply of strength and vitality. Representatives of this sign are enthusiastically taken up for complex tasks, as they see in them an excellent opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. The health horoscope for Capricorn says that men can boast of good health, despite the problems in childhood. They clearly follow the recommendations of doctors and try to notice the slightest changes in their state of health.

In most cases, Capricorn men have problems with joints and knees. Often, they reveal a lack of calcium in the body, because of what bones become fragile and can break from the slightest injury. Also, a small amount of it affects the health of teeth. Capricorns must monitor the state of the cardiovascular and digestive systems. They are characterized by a slow metabolism, they need to take care of a balanced diet and in no case do not overeat. A serious danger to people born under the sign of Capricorn, are colds, which, in case of lack of treatment, can cause pneumonia.

Doctors often diagnose a depressive state in Capricorn men. A gloomy and depressed state is common for them. Representatives of this sign are worried about every little thing, which deprives them of energy and leads to nervous disorders. Capricorns often suffer from diseases of the lower extremities, arthrosis, arthritis, rheumatism, varicose veins and sciatica. Astrologers recommend more often to get out into nature and not to neglect exercise. They will help strengthen the immune system Capricorns.

Health Horoscope for Capricorn Women

Women born under the sign of Capricorn, place great demands, both on the people around them and on themselves. They do not like surprises and often prefer a career family. The horoscope of health advises to avoid overwork, since it can cause depression and other diseases of the nervous system. Representatives of Capricorn, often suffer from insomnia. Astrologers do not recommend them to be left alone for a long time, as there is a big risk of becoming a hermit by old age.

In childhood, Capricorn girls suffer no more than others, but they tend to have allergies, dermatitis, and skin rashes. They are often injured, but they have excellent immunity. They are not afraid of colds and viruses. The weak points of the Capricorn women include the gastrointestinal tract. They are characterized by food poisoning, so astrologers recommend that they stick to a diet from childhood and give preference to healthy foods.

One of the vulnerable organs of Capricorn are the biliary tract. Reducing the risk of problems with them will help to avoid spicy and fatty foods, as well as reduce the consumption of carbonated drinks. Other areas of concern for women born under the sign of Capricorn, pay attention, include tendons, joints and bones. Often they do not notice the symptoms of a developing disease, as they are completely immersed in work. As a result, many diseases become chronic.

Useful and bad habits

Diligence can be attributed to both the useful and harmful habits of Capricorns. They always bring the work started to the end, but their excessive zeal to do the job as best as possible can quickly cause chronic fatigue. One of the main positive aspects of people born under this sign is purposefulness. Capricorns will not act rashly. They are not subject to outside influence and will never go against their principles. Representatives of this sign can easily tolerate criticism in their address and try not to be led by emotions. However, astrologers do not advise Capricorns to keep feelings in themselves, as this may adversely affect the state of their nervous system.

People born under the sign of Capricorn are suspicious of others. They are rarely the first to contact strangers and often have problems with communication skills. Loneliness and the inability to find a common language with people can cause alcohol addiction, which will be extremely difficult to get rid of later. Capricorn necessarily need a hobby to counter this addiction. They show a tendency to melancholy, often they are haunted by disturbing thoughts and fears for their future.

Diseases and hazards, vulnerabilities

Representatives of this sign are heavy patients, as they all have their own point of view, and will not miss the opportunity to argue with the doctor. Often they do not notice the first symptoms of the disease, and the diagnosis will be checked several times. Such an attitude often leads to serious complications, as a result of which treatment can be delayed for a long time. In most cases, hypothermia, impaired blood circulation, and a lack of nutrients and vitamins lead to Capricorn diseases. In childhood, they are often injured.

The most vulnerable and painful places and organs of Capricorns include: knees, lower thighs, legs, bones and teeth. Most often, people born under this sign suffer from arthritis, arthrosis, salt deposits, atrophies, paralysis, nervous disorders and problems with the digestive system. Horoscope recommends Capricorns promptly seek help from specialists, otherwise a seemingly insignificant sore may develop into a serious and intractable disease. In addition, it is desirable for them to monitor the condition of their thyroid gland, otherwise Capricorns risk acquiring problems with metabolism.

Nutrition Tips for Capricorn

A diet for Capricorns must contain foods rich in protein and calcium. Calcium phosphate forms bone tissue, which is especially necessary for representatives of this sign due to weak bones. Its deficiency leads to joint pain, tooth decay and curvature of the spine. A large amount of calcium can be found in foods such as orange, lemon, celery, spinach, broccoli, corn, peas, walnuts and potatoes. The diet of Capricorn should be varied and balanced, contain fruits, vegetables and cereals. Capricorns have an acute need for vitamins D and P. The first is necessary for better absorption of calcium, and the second strengthens the walls of blood vessels. They can be found in egg yolk, butter, dogrose, onions, cranberries and lingonberries.

Because of their lifestyle, representatives of this sign is difficult to eat on a schedule. This leads to the fact that they either malnourish or eat too much food in one meal. They in no case should not abuse the sharp and fatty foods due to the increased likelihood of stomach ulcers. The source of proteins for them can be lean, lean meat, for example: veal, turkey meat, or rabbit meat. Get the necessary protein can also be seafood. Astrologers advise to give preference to trout, cod, perch, ruff, bream, and pike.

Fitness and sports, outdoor activities

Capricorns from childhood show interest in physical activity. They are ambitious enough and can boast excellent endurance. In this regard, fitness horoscope for Capricorn says that if they wish, they will be able to achieve success in any sport. Volleyball, basketball and athletics are great for them. Due to their dedication, they do an excellent job with marathons. Often among the representatives of this sign are biathletes and skaters. Capricorns are incredibly patient and can go to their first sports victory for many years. People born under this sign, feel good in water sports. They prefer swimming, rowing and ski jumping.

Capricorns are not afraid to test their strength in extreme sports. They are addicted to climbing and cycling. They demonstrate their abilities in team competitions, such as hockey or football. However, it is necessary to approach any physical exertion with caution, since due to weakened bones they have an increased chance of injury to their knees. Also beware of hypothermia of the lower extremities.

How to maintain and improve health

The main source of problems, as Capricorns health horoscope says, is depression. It can lead to anxious thoughts, headaches, diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys and stomach. Representatives of this sign, like anyone else, it is important to maintain a positive attitude in any situation and not to succumb to despondency. They should never be left alone. In addition, no need to go on about their bad habits. Frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages will only lead to a serious dependence, but will not get rid of the true problems. Capricorns, it is important to find their place in life: get a favorite job, do creative work and spend more time with friends.

The second, no less dangerous trouble Capricorn - overwork. People born under this sign, it is important to learn to relax, and not to devote all their free time to work. Capricorns have a tendency to hypothermia, which often affects the lower limbs, and in particular the joints. Astrologers recommend that they dress according to the weather and take more sunbathing. Walking in the fresh air will benefit their immune system. One of the most important points of maintaining health is dieting. Representatives of this sign is desirable to adhere to a healthy diet and not to abuse fatty foods.

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