Gemini Health Horoscope

Gemini — bright representatives of the air element, which explains their incredible mobility and flexibility of perception of the world. The heavenly patron of this sign Mercury granted his wards the ability to adapt to any situation. The health horoscope for Gemini is ambiguous, determined by a person’s lifestyle, his mood in individual life periods. The astral energy of this sign most affects the communication functions of the body — speech, the network of capillaries, the nervous system, the synchronization of the activities of organs and supporting processes. Being the fastest planet in the solar system, Mercury sets Gemini a high pace of life, which creates a significant burden on the brain, the health of the central nervous system, and small intestine. The Gemini health horoscope promises good health if you avoid brain overstrain. The danger is that the representatives of this sign “live in a hurry and hurry to feel”. The desire for constant change, self-improvement with unclearly formulated spiritual needs, can lead to frequent ailments and internal emptiness. The horoscope identifies three risk zones — respiratory, digestive, and psyche.

Health Horoscope for Gemini Men

It is difficult for a Gemini man to boast of good health. Having overcome bronchitis and pharyngitis in childhood, apart from regular colds and viral diseases, the representative of this sign chooses one of two tactics for adulthood: either it ceases to pay attention to malaise, periodic headaches, other signals of its body, or it falls into a hypochondriacal state, passes countless examinations, looking for the symptoms of various diseases. This behavior is characteristic of the dual nature of Gemini, but both options are equally dangerous. Maintaining good health will help the principle of the "golden mean." The Gemini man is not distinguished by a sense of increased responsibility — this feature of character extends to the attitude to his own health.

However, it cannot be said that the health of a male Gemini cannot be good. The active influence of Mercury allows you to easily adjust any areas of life, if the situation requires it. Until the age of 30, this zodiac sign does not feel special health problems. In the future, if he does not ignore the signals of the body, and takes preventive measures to maintain health, the horoscope promises a great state of health, up to his advanced years. Particular attention during this period deserves the health of the nervous system. The desire to assert oneself in life, to get everything at once, is associated with great emotional overload. Horoscope recommends alternating activity and relaxation — this is not inhibition on the path to success, but providing yourself with additional energy.

After 40 years, the horoscope advises the Gemini men to reconsider the food culture. In this life period, the health of the gastrointestinal tract becomes most vulnerable. It is better to refuse snacks, quick dinners, junk food — it’s time to include the rule in your lifestyle: "war is war, and lunch is scheduled." Another warning of the horoscope of health is a careful attitude to blood pressure. Hypertension can provoke narrowing of blood vessels, disrupt blood circulation, which is extremely undesirable — metabolic processes in the Gemini body occur faster than in representatives of other signs, transportation to the organs of nutrients should occur without interruption. The horoscope warns: signals such as regular headache, tinnitus, aching limbs should be immediately heard and communicated to the doctor.

Health Horoscope for Gemini Women

Gemini woman is a changeable nature. Determining her desires is difficult not only to others, but also to herself. During the hour of communication with this attractive person, you can see the full range of emotions inherent in her. At the same time, she treats her health more responsibly than her stellar male colleague. The health horoscope is favorable, provided timely medical examination and resistance to bad habits. The risk areas are the psyche and the nervous system. The high emotionality of this sign creates strong mood swings, and sensual "swings" are able to bring the psyche to threatening states.

The health horoscope warns of the need to learn to control your emotional states. Even at the age of 20, meditation exercises are recommended. Purposeful and energetic Gemini woman amazes people with a variety of desires and plans. Moreover, the implementation of all of them occurs simultaneously. If there is a person nearby who is able to put the puzzles of her brain into a single picture, you can not worry about her health.

After 43 years, the horoscope advises women Gemini to pay attention to the respiratory system. This air lady may literally run out of air. The more she learns to manage her emotions up to this age, the less likely she is to have respiratory diseases. The key word here is to manage, if emotions are simply suppressed, health problems can worsen. By the age of 46, the representatives of this sign become more balanced, which allows their body to function relatively quietly. The horoscope advises to include hiking, swimming, sightseeing trips, reading books in your life schedule.

Useful and bad habits

Almost all of Gemini’s health problems are associated with nerves and incorrect mental attitudes. Representatives of this zodiac sign are subject to various phobias and stresses. Gemini’s bad habits are caused by a low sense of responsibility. The first place in the ranking of poor qualities is occupied by inattention and talkativeness. Another favorite hobby is to quit the job that you started at the slightest difficulty. The horoscope advises this sign to learn to listen to the opponent silently, not to run away from difficulties.

Representatives of this sign rarely become alcoholics, but often they become heavy smokers, although they are well aware that other ways can achieve internal balance. The useful habits of Gemini include their absolute independence from the opinions of others, high sociability, curiosity, the desire for self-improvement.

Diseases and hazards, vulnerabilities

The most vulnerable place is the Gemini health horoscope determines the nervous system. At risk are the respiratory system, speech function and upper limbs, in the context of circulatory disorders in this area. Most often, this sign is overtaken by diseases such as neurasthenia, psychosis, nervous breakdown, neuralgia, arthritis, bronchial asthma, speech disorders (lisping, stuttering, burr). From birth, Gemini have good immunity, but for it to manifest and work in full force, certain conditions are necessary.

Little Gemini needs a calm and welcoming atmosphere. If the family has scandals, abuse, a totalitarian approach to raising a child, the already unbalanced baby will be "lost" in the maelstrom of emotions, acquiring various diseases and phobias. An important condition for good health, a horoscope defines a clear regulation of lifestyle: work and rest, priority goals, sequence of actions, a healthy diet. Compliance with these conditions at all stages of life will allow Geminis to maintain their health and enjoy the magnificence of the world around them with their curiosity.

Nutrition Tips for Gemini

The element of air endowed this sign with incredible mobility. Being in constant motion, representatives of this sign hardly concentrate on one issue — they strive to solve everything at once. At the same time, the vague idea that the result of such actions will also be indefinite, can slow down their run through life. It is very difficult for Gemini to observe moderation — this also applies to relations with people, and career, and nutrition. Representatives of this sign may at one moment decide to become vegetarians, adhere to this position for a long time, and then move to the category of meat eaters, become adherents of raw food diet. Horoscope warns — such experiments can adversely affect health.

The health horoscope advises to adhere to an individually selected diet. The diet must necessarily include lean meats and fish, cheeses, seafood, cereals, peaches, grapes, olives, zucchini — trace elements contained in these products contribute to the normalization of the nervous system, strengthen immunity. The diet for Gemini should not contain strong tea and coffee, sweets, alcohol, animal fats — these products have a stimulating effect on the unstable nervous system of this zodiac sign.

Fitness and sports, outdoor activities

From early childhood, Gemini run, jump, dive, deftly penetrate the most inaccessible places — the internal motor does not allow them to sit still. They are not afraid of either height or depth. Sport for them is both a pleasure and an essential life component. Fitness horoscope for Gemini advises to pay attention to such sports as tennis, fencing, biathlon, biking, skiing. For psychological relief, bench shooting and sports throwing knives will be useful.

The Gemini love to travel. New places, people, impressions — satisfy their inner desire for constant movement. This sign does not accept measured sightseeing tours. Representatives of this sign will get real pleasure climbing the mountain peaks, overcoming turbulent rivers on a kayak, and a tourist trip to the Far North will leave an unforgettable impression in their soul for many years.

How to maintain and improve health

Possessing by nature strong immunity and good health, careless Gemini can waste this resource at the very beginning of life. The first advice on maintaining and strengthening health is addressed to the parents of little Gemini: a calm, friendly atmosphere in the family, a strict, balanced diet, an established regime of the day, systematic classes in sports sections — will be taught to discipline, will form the ability to organize your living space, will learn to identify priorities targets and goals.

Adult Gemini is encouraged to adhere to the same principles. It is important to realize the duality of your nature, to adjust your behavior, realizing that the habit of rushing from side to side is nothing more than a character trait. To reduce the impact of stressful situations on health, the horoscope recommends nature-talented Gemini to do art as a hobby: music, painting, needlework, modeling — they are able to balance the unstable energy field of this sign, increase vitality, and strengthen mental health.

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