Leo Health Horoscope

People born under the sign of Leo have a huge amount of energy. They have been in excellent health since childhood. Leos boast excellent immunity, thanks to which they are not afraid of many diseases. Representatives of this sign are incredibly hardy and persistent individuals who are able to survive the blows of fate and stressful situations. However, representatives of the elements of fire are not able to correctly calculate their strength. They can immerse themselves in the work process, forgetting about rest and sleep, which, of course, affects the state of their body. Leos try not to show weaknesses and do not like to talk about their diseases. Most of the diseases they carry "on their feet", without seeking the help of doctors. Because of this, many ailments remain untreated and can manifest themselves at any time.

Health Horoscope for Leo Men

Leo men has good health. They have a high resistance to various infections, as a result of which they are not afraid of colds. In case of illness, their body quickly recovers without any serious consequences. The health horoscope for Leo speaks of the love of this sign for sports and physical activity. Leo men never flaunt their weaknesses and try to get rid of their ailment as soon as possible. Representatives of the fire element can not stand idle and never stop there.

Despite their excellent health, male Leos often incorrectly assess their capabilities, shouldering more than they can actually bear. Increased self-confidence often plays a cruel joke with them. In the hope that the problem will disappear on its own, the representatives of this sign do not seek medical help for a long time. As a result, the disease stays with them for a long time and can manifest itself at the most inopportune moment. Leo men often suffer from fever, but they are not afraid of chronic diseases.

People born under this sign love to enjoy life and take maximum from it. With age, they may have extra pounds and a tendency to abuse alcohol. Bad habits can affect the digestive system, heart, and blood vessels. For Leo man, spinal problems are common. Astrologers recommend that they follow their posture from childhood, and avoid weight lifting in adulthood. Representatives of the fire sign are often tormented by diseases such as tachycardia, ischemia, arrhythmia and atherosclerosis.

Health Horoscope for Leo Women

Leo women are people with excellent health. Diseases overtake them very rarely and at the same time quickly recede. The representatives of this sign are strong personalities who do not stop and do not retreat before difficulties. The energy in them is in full swing. However, often they work beyond measure, committing no regrets to themselves. Leo woman never show their weaknesses, from which they can suffer from overwork and depression. In fact, these are vulnerable people, the best medicine for which will be support from relatives and friends.

The most vulnerable organs in the representatives of the fire element is the heart and blood vessels. Leo women are more often than others to suffer from diseases such as thrombophlebitis, embolism, hemorrhage and heart attack. Often, diseases have an acute course, along with high fever. Astrologers recommend that the representatives of this sign rely on traditional medicine and not neglect medicinal herbs. Soothing decoctions will help to overcome a depressive state and relieve fatigue.

The health horoscope of Leo warns women born under this sign to avoid overeating. They tend to be overweight and have problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Regular exercise will help maintain weight within normal limits. It is recommended not to abuse it, but it is better to completely abandon alcohol because of the danger of acquiring alcohol dependence. Do not forget about the back and bones, which are often injured and bruised.

Useful and bad habits

Despite excellent health, the horoscope advises Leo from an early age to develop a positive habit in himself to monitor and maintain the state of his body at the proper level. Representatives of this sign are strong and confident personalities. They are distinguished by great intellectual abilities and strong-willed character. These are born leaders. Along with this, overconfidence can adversely affect their health. Leos often take on increased obligations that they cannot always cope with. They should not get involved in gambling, otherwise the Leos risk being left with nothing.

People born under the sign of fire element are extremely susceptible to flattery. Often, representatives of this sign are not able to distinguish real friends from hypocritical enemies. Among the most dangerous and most common bad habits of Leo it is necessary to note a passion for alcohol and tobacco products. However, if they have a desire to defeat these addictions, the Leos will be able to do it easily. In addition, people born under this sign are advised to reduce their calorie intake and not lean on sweets. Excessive passion for flour products often leads to a set of extra pounds and even obesity, which will be extremely difficult to cope with.

Diseases and hazards, vulnerabilities

The main danger to people born under the sign of Leo is fatigue and nervous strain. Due to lack of vitality, the cardiovascular system often suffers. In this regard, the most common diseases among the representatives of this sign are tachycardia, angina pectoris, atherosclerosis, aneurysm and other ailments associated with the activity of the heart muscle. In addition, people belonging to the fire element have a predisposition to fevers, fainting, blindness and other eye diseases. Often they have a sore back, suffer from problems with posture and complain of fragile bones that break under the influence of any injuries.

Among the common diseases of Leo, one can note nervous ailments. They are characterized by a depressive state associated with an awareness of the limitations of their capabilities. The usual thing for them is considered to be problems with overweight and the general condition of the gastrointestinal tract. Fullness affects their quality of life, shortness of breath, nausea and periodic pain in the chest area appear. Among other things, people born under the sign of Leo have an increased risk of developing meningitis, measles and rheumatism. Due to the fact that they perceive the disease as a challenge to their own forces, Leo do not listen to the advice of doctors and stop treatment as soon as the first improvements are outlined. The horoscope of health recommends waiting for a full recovery, otherwise Leo will face unpleasant complications.

Nutrition Tips for Leo

A complete vegetarian diet for Leo is contraindicated. In their diet must be meat dishes. The greatest benefit for their health will be veal, chicken, turkey and various seafood. However, it is better to refuse fatty and smoked, as they provoke an increase in cholesterol and do not affect the work of the heart and stomach in the best way. When making the menu, Leos should not ignore vegetables and fruits. In particular, they will be useful in old age. The diet must include onions, cucumbers, lemons, dried apricots, raisins, apples, figs and walnuts.

Astrologers are advised to adhere to a diverse and at the same time easily digestible diet. It is important that the menu contains foods high in vitamins E and C, for example, sprouted wheat, lettuce, oranges, strawberries, watermelon, rosehips. It is important for representatives of this sign to monitor their weight and in no case to abuse products with a high sugar content. Among alcoholic beverages, it is better to give preference to red wine, which positively affects the level of hemoglobin in the blood.

Fitness and sports, outdoor activities

Leos are active people who love to prove their superiority. They seem to contain a source of infinite energy. However, despite this, representatives of this sign are often lazy, therefore, in order to succeed in sports, they need to get involved and engage from an early age. Fitness horoscope for Leo advises to give preference to those sports disciplines in which they will be able to reveal their full potential.

It is important for people born under this sign to feel in the spotlight. In the best way they will prove themselves in such sports as figure skating, gymnastics, skiing, golf. A good choice for them would be pop dancing and fencing. From people born under the sign of Leo, excellent football players and hockey players are obtained. They feel great in extreme sports, such as skiing, snowboarding and various types of wrestling. Representatives of the fire element are often tormented by cardiovascular diseases. Cycling, aerobics and regular jogging are suitable for strengthening the heart muscle.

How to maintain and improve health

To maintain good health for many years, people born under the sign of Leo need to learn how to relax and not take responsibility for everything in the world. Stress and overwork are their main enemies, which affect the functioning of the heart and blood vessels and adversely affect the state of the nervous system. Leos will benefit from moderate exercise. Daily walks in the fresh air will positively affect their health.

In addition to stress, the danger for Leo is overeating and abuse of bad habits. Representatives of the fire element are prone to a quick set of extra pounds, which will subsequently be difficult to get rid of. People born under this sign are advised to reduce their sugar intake. The first symptoms that indicate that it is time to change the diet and lifestyle is frequent shortness of breath, drowsiness, and from time to time pain in the chest area makes itself felt. In addition, a full, 8-hour sleep is an important factor that will help maintain good health.

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